Having your event run by Pop! Events is a great thing, but not giving your guests a way to remember it would be a shame. That’s why so many people opt for having favours- little gifts to give their guests – so that they have something to remember it by. The best part is that Pop! Events offers customizable options on many different gifts so that they can not only remember the party, but remember it in their own special way. Here are our favourite customizable favours for your events!



One of our most popular requests is for our customizable jewelry – specifically our dog tags. These hip, cool, and stylish pieces can be worn around the neck, kept in a purse or wallet, or just kept at home – as long as you keep it someplace you can always see it! Our customizable dog tags let you keep your favourite photos close to your heart.


Luggage tags

Tired of getting your luggage mixed up with someone else’s? Tired of having the same run-of-the-mill black and white luggage tag with your name and address? We can put an end to that immediately. With our customizable luggage tags interactive party rental, you can put your favourite pictures on a tag and take them on your wild adventures across the globe.


Water bottles

Need to bring some water to baseball practice, drink something cool at the beach, or just have an extra souvenir on display? Pop! Events customizable water bottles are the perfect gift! These interactive party rentals are a smash hit at our parties in Toronto. Whether you are taking a trip to the gym or a long trip in the car, these bottles are imprinted with a UV-resistant coating so they can survive the sun’s rays.


Pop! Events has made a name for itself by offering some of the best products and rentals for events in and around Toronto, so it’s only fitting that we have some awesome options for you to choose from when it comes to customizable gifts. Want something to remember your event by? Let