Jelly Belly is a brand that is synonymous with deliciousness and delight around the world, and they have been delighting our taste buds with their unique flavours for more than a century. By far the most popular and beloved jelly bean candies in the world, these California treats come in a huge variety of flavours, shapes and sizes. They are all delicious, but when it comes to making your interactive Jelly Belly station, you can’t miss out on our favourite Jelly Belly flavours!


Tutti Frutti

This flavour boasts a classic taste sensation that’s sweet, fruity, and scrumptious. Their colourful, spotted exterior hints at the awesome mix of fruit flavours that these beans will bring to your tongue. This is no ordinary jelly bean – it’s actually an action-packed taste adventure.


Very Cherry

This sweet flavour is the cherry on top for any Jelly Belly fan. Each very cherry bean packs a ton of flavour in a tiny bite. With a hint of sour and tart taste plus a big rush of sweet cherry, you’ll be hooked on these. They are luscious, sugary, tangy – and every other delicious adjective you can think of.


Toasted Marshmallow

We saved the best for last on this one. It might not be exactly the same as the sugary treats you put over the campfire, but it is pretty darn close. One bite into a toasted marshmallow Jelly Belly and you’ll be taken on an adventure through the campsite, past the s’mores, down the aisles at your local confectioners, and all the way back again. Sweet, savoury, and every bit as delicious as the original, Toasted Marshmallow might be the best Jelly Belly flavour there is.


Which one is the very best is up to you to find out, but we just couldn’t help sharing our favourite flavours of Jelly Belly jellybeans. Which flavours will you choose for your next event’s Jelly Bean Station?