They say that a picture is worth a thousand words – so that means that dozens of pictures showing all the fun that you had in real time must be worth thousands more! Flipbooks are our newest big hit here at POP! Events, and adding them to your next party or Bat Mitzvah is sure to create a souvenir that will help you relive the fun for years to come.


Here’s a bit more about the accessory that is dominating events all around Toronto:


How do Flipbooks work?

A flipbook is a series of images that change slightly from one page to the next. When you flip through quickly, you get an animated scene that mimics real life. Our awesome action flipbook photo booths have our happy guests stand in front of the camera wearing whatever they want, going crazy, and capturing it all on camera. The footage is changed into a series of stills and reproduced into a cool booklet that everyone can take home!


Our flipbooks can be customized any way you want!

Anyone who knows about POP! Events knows that we offer awesome custom options to help make the party as fun as possible. You don’t get just a plain old boring book with us. You can get custom covers to match the event, create your own theme, or even get a custom background! Tell your friends you were on the red carpet, or make it seem like you were giving a sports press conference. Doesn’t matter if you were actually there or not!


Flipbooks are fun for all ages

You might think these are just a novelty for children – but that’s far from the truth. While they are really popular at our Bat Mitzvahs, they are also very popular among events for adults too. With custom props, lots of zany action, and even romantic background options, flipbook photo booths are great for corporate parties, couples, or team building parties.


Flipbooks have been around for a long time, but have come a long way in the last 150 years – from simple etchings in a book to the sophisticated digital technology we employ here at POP! Events. The only thing that has remained the same is just how much fun they are. Flipbook photo booths are the next big thing here, and we are sure you’ll love them!