Warning! Your employees are about to be transported from their present office on earth to a place a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Are your Jedi Knights ready for the task at hand? In honour of Star Wars Day (May the Forth Be With You!), we want to rescue your padawans from Tatooine (or Toronto, whichever system they may be on) and whisk them off to the realm of the most popular movie franchise in history!

Get ready to learn the ways of the force, be tempted by the dark side, man the turrets, and have a whole lot of fun! We can’t wait to turn your office workers into Jedi Knights!

Tons of great Star Wars activities!

We will separate the Star Wars cadets into different groups and run them through a galactic gauntlet full of activities so they can learn the true ways of the force. These adrenaline-packed events will help them break the ice and have a whole lot of fun – the rebel alliance has little choice but to learn to coexist if it wants to defeat the empire. Some of the highlights include:

  • Lightsaber training – Harness the power of the Force and learn to use this most sacred weapon of the Jedi, keepers of peace and bringers of balance to the universe. They will need all of the strength they can get in the final battle against the dark side.
  • Galactic Battle practice – Your padawans will get into pairs and try to defeat the other side in our awesome galactic battle simulator. Just watch out… it’s a trap!
  • Slo-mo photo boothWhat’s better than a Slo-Mo photo booth? A Slo-Mo photo booth with Star Wars themed props! Pop! Events has you covered with our state-of-the-art slow motion booth. It can even produce videos that you can email around the office.

Great for the employees, better for the company!

We have all of the characters, equipment, and activities to make an awesome team building experience. Your employees will:

Work together

  • Build relationships
  • Make great memories
  • And, most of all… have fun!

But what’s good for the workers is even better for the company. Happy employees that trust each other are a business’ greatest asset.

As Yoda might say: Contact us today, you should! Leads to happy employees, Star Wars themed team building events from Pop! Events will!

In honour of Star Wars Day, we are proud to bring you our great Star Wars team building event!