As we all know, team building events can be a fantastic way to bring employees together and have them working as a unit as opposed to a group of individuals. However, what happens when the morale is low or you want to do some team building in between events? Since you can’t throw a huge event every other week, we have a list of games and activities that you can play to tide the team over and boost engagement levels!

Group of happy business executives giving high five in office

Truth and Lie – Perhaps one of the simpler games, this requires each employee to have four slips of paper. From here, they write one lie and three truths about themselves. As long as the lie is believable, the team of listeners will have to discuss the options and come to a group decision as to which is the lie. Not only is this fun, it will get the team thinking and solving the problem logically.

Relay Races and Games – If you have a spare afternoon, you can have fun with relay races, tug of war, and even interesting games like Volleybomb (the ball is replaced by a water balloon). Whether you have a patch of grass or a park nearby, there are superb companies who can help you to arrange this such as Pop Events.

Special Treats – As we said in the introduction, sometimes you don’t have the time to organize a whole team building event but the morale can be boosted in other ways. For example, why not pitch an Ice Cream Sundae Bar in the car park? What’s better than your employees coming outside for lunch on a hot day and finding an ice cream truck waiting to help? Furthermore, it could be a vintage candy cart or even a traditional BBQ. At the very most, this takes two hours from the day and you can be sure the smiles will return to your employees.

Drawing Without Sight – In teams of two, they will sit back to back with one holding a picture. With the other facing the other direction, they must draw whatever their teammate is describing to them without looking behind them at the picture. Above all else, this will concentrate on communication and teamwork.

Family Picnics – If you want to get the whole family involved, why not have a simple picnic with your employees and their loved ones? As we saw before with the relay races and games, this is something that doesn’t need to take up much time and it will get the team having fun with family members. If you need help making the most of the event, Pop Events has years of experience planning all of the details!

As you can see, these are superb games that only take a short amount of time. Whenever you have ten spare minutes, these can be played and it gets the team engaged, learning more about their colleagues, and having fun.

If you want to take advantage of the years of team building experience that Pop! has to offer, and have the chance to sit back and enjoy the day yourself, fill out a contact form today.