Remember how fun summer camp was when you were a kid? Just you, your new friends, and endless opportunity to explore your own creativity and the magic of nature. Summer camp was a time when you really got a chance to make new friends and explore the outermost limits of your own potential.

Well, this summer, why not re-enact that bonding experience with your employees? Take them outdoors and let them have some fun. You’ll love how they’ll really start to open up to each other. Outdoor activities are the perfect way to let your employees show aspects of their personality that aren’t always noticeable at the office.

Pop! Events has been hosting corporate team building events for over 30 years. (We like to think that this makes us experts!) We know what is important for a corporate team event, and we are ready to create the perfect experience for you and your employees.

What We Offer:

Fun Team Building Games

Each of our games is specially designed for the corporate context. As you and your employees participate in meaningful games, races, and challenges, you’ll begin to observe each other’s strengths and weaknesses! We offer a wide variety of options, including relay races, wacky Olympics, and scavenger hunts. We keep all the play that made these games fun when you were young, with a sophisticated corporate edge.

Wild Workshops

Your employees will love to have fun in the sun with these activities. From live drumming to salsa dancing, there’s something for everybody. Your employees will feel like they are on holiday, and you will be able to relax and take credit for a fun time had by all!

Cool Equipment Rentals

Whether you want to go rock climbing or host an obstacle course event, we have something for you. You can even host a gladiator tournament if you really want to stretch the boundaries! Your employees will love that you went the extra mile to make this team building event unique and memorable.

Organized Sports

We can plan an organized sports tournament for you! Whether you want to play volleyball, soccer, baseball, or basketball, we can make sure this is the sports tournament you will be talking about until next year. Life’s a sports metaphor, so why not get out there on the field and show everybody what you’re made of?

Once you’ve decided what kind of event that you want, Pop! Events can help you plan the details, including: choosing a venue, planning catering, hiring a DJ or band, setting up tents and tables, and staffing the event. We know what we’re doing, and we’ve thought of everything. That’s why we’ve been the premier corporate event planner in the Greater Toronto Area for over 30 years! Contact us today to find out how we can make your event one to remember.