If you have looked at our amazing air brush art for clothing and accessories, you may have noticed that the art looks quite familiar. You may notice that the broad strokes of our air brush designs are similar to those that come out of an aerosol can; there is also a colour palette that is similar to that used in street art.  Air brush art has its roots in a strong street-art tradition. In fact, you can say that air brush art is the natural development of graffiti culture and the spontaneous style that is associated with these ephemeral works.

Graffiti for Profit

Air brush art doesn’t just look similar to graffiti art; some of the most famous artists in the medium had their roots in graffiti street art culture. The famous New York artist Phetus started out as a graffiti artist. It wasn’t long before his art was being noticed by famous hip hop artists. Phetus’ ephemeral designs were perfect for a variety of mediums, such as clothing apparel, set design, and gallery productions. The medium of the aerosol can had made it mainstream.

The Use of Stencils

Artists such as Banksy now use stencils to create incredibly polished street art. This modernization of the street art form has allowed for the development of a more sophisticate genre, but also has formalized the medium. Far from being a spontaneous statement piece, modern graffiti are now ephemeral but also planned. There is also the increased potential for recreation, as stencils can be reused. The clean lines and contained image that is created in stencil art is easily adopted and replicated to other mediums, and this is why big name graffiti artists, such as Banksy, have had their art replicated as it enters the mainstream.

Graffiti as a Civic and Corporate Activity

Now that graffiti have become mainstream, many cities have embraced the culture and are seeing the potential that art has to transform their city. Street art has become a year-round activity, as well as spawning many festivals and events.  Corporate sponsors have taken the initiative of adopting public spaces and allowing sponsored artists to create their street art on designated walls (frequently with the addition of product placement).

How Is Our Merchandise Made? 

At Pop! Events, we love the rich culture represented by our air brush designs. Each of our air brush designs can be created right in front of you, replicating the spontaneous quality of early graffiti work and that of many graffiti artists today. We make the design and then apply it to the fabric of the apparel of your choice (anything from a T-shirt or hoodie to a hat). We apply a top coat to the design, and then it’s ready for you to wear!

Our designs can incorporate anything that is important to you, from the company name or logo to the name of the wearer. You’ll love how the designs personalize a corporate or private event, commemorating the occasion. Our merchandise is the perfect way to make sure that each of your guests leaves with a memento of the party.