What were once thought of as merely supporting characters for the movie Despicable Me have now become a worldwide phenomenon. The Minions have grossed over a billion dollars worldwide from their first feature film and are quickly becoming one of the biggest fads all around the world. That means that not only does everyone want to watch the film, but they also want to dress up as them, own the toys, and have great Minion themed parties too! That’s why we offer them as a theme for our awesome kid’s parties. Here are some great Minions party ideas for your kids that will be fun for the whole bunch.

Minions Balloons!

Not only is this a fun way to decorate and put a smile on everyone’s face, but it is also fairly simple and straightforward.  We can have a professional artist make perfect Minions faces on yellow balloons for you. Having this kind of entertaining décor will really make your party a treat.

Give the kids Minions goggles

These little creatures stand out because of their goggles. We can provide a wide range of merchandise including realistic Minons eyewear. Have all the kids put them on and run around. It will make the film come to life for them, and make them feel like they are in the movie. We can provide a lot of great toys from the movie. Just let us know what you think your kids will like best!

Minions mascots

You can have decorations or costume accessories, but nothing will bring a smile to everyone’s face quite like having them there in person. Our mascots will interact with the kids and bring the characters to life for them.  They are available for all kinds of parties, and have been a hit wherever they’ve made an appearance.

The Minions are a craze that isn’t going away any time soon. You can really show people your knack for creativity by throwing a great kid’s party with Minions decorations. If you have kids that love them, then why not try our Minions theme for your next party? Learn more about the Minions on our website!