Golf may seem like a game that is only enjoyed by folks after retirement–you know, a game you can play at a leisurely pace while enjoying good company and talking business–but we all know that it really is a sport enjoyed by millions around the world, and, at its highest level is played for millions of dollars in prizes.

From young phenoms to larger-than-life personalities, the history of this exclusive club and ball sport from Scotland is littered with great players. In honour of our awesome mini-golf games for Toronto events, here are without a doubt the greatest golfers of all time:

Tiger Woods
Eldrick “Tiger” Woods burst onto the scene in 1996 and took the golf world by storm. He captured his first major title in 1997, winning the Masters tournament in record-breaking fashion. He spent the majority of the next 13 years on top of the gold world, capturing the second most all-time major titles (14), and second all-time PGA tour wins (79) along the way. He holds the record for most consecutive weeks at #1 and been the PGA Tour Player of the Year a record 11 times. Lately he has fallen on hard times due to his personal life and injuries, but we know he can make a comeback. No golfer rivals him in terms of sheer dominance over such a long period of time.

Arnold Palmer
The King is most famous perhaps for what he did for the sport of golf (and his awesome lemonade/ice tea drink) than he is for his accomplishments at the tee, but make no mistake, Arnold is one of the best there’s ever been. Along with Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus, he is credited with popularising the sport of golf in the television era. His down-to-Earth, working man persona helped change the view of golf at the time from an elitist and wealthy sport to something accessible to average folks, and his go-for-broke style excited fans not just in America but around the world. With 7 major titles and a bevy of other victories, he is considered one of the greatest of all-time. Did we mention that we love the Arnold Palmer drink (half lemonade, half iced tea) too?

Jack Nicklaus
You can’t argue with the guy who holds the record for the most major victories ever (18) and also has 73 PGA Tour wins to boot. The Golden Bear was known as the on-course rival of Arnold Palmer, and many of their duels have become the stuff of legend. He was at one time the youngest to win the grand slam (all of golf’s majors), and was the first ever golfer to win the Masters in back to back years. He might have retired, but Jack is still regarded as the best there ever was. There’s still time for others to take his place, but he isn’t going to give it up easily.

Corporate Event Golf Activities
If you like portable golf games then why not have them at your next event in Toronto? They make a great game for all of your guests to play, and can keep both kids and adults occupied for hours. Who knows, maybe one of the next greatest golfers of all time will get their start at your corporate event!

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