Volleyball is a game enjoyed by millions around the world on beaches, in fields, in gyms and on TV. You’d be hard pressed to find a summer fun movie or 80’s action flick without an awesome volleyball scene, and just about every summer there’s an awesome international tournament worth checking out.


The game is simple, fun, and a great workout, and that’s why POP! Events offers awesome volleyball tournaments for your teambuilding events. In honour of your awesome teambuilding events in Toronto, here are the best volleyball players of all time.



This Brazilian maestro was loved worldwide by fans and feared by competitors. During his heyday in the 2000’s, he was widely regarded as the best in the world. An outside hitter, Giba won numerous trophies both in league play and internationally. With multiple MVP awards and medal streaks lasting for decades or longer, it would be hard to argue anyone else for the top spot on our list. He may have retired a few years ago, but his legend will live on forever.


Misty May and Kerri Walsh

Representing the USA, Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh are volleyball’s dynamic duo, and we doubt that their run of dominance from 2001 to 2008 will ever be matched in beach volleyball. From the moment they partnered up, it was a match made in heaven. Starting in 2002, they began a string of victories that lasted all the way to the Beijing Olympics. Coming into the tournament they were in the midst of a 101-game winning streak. Any guesses as to which team won the gold?


Karch Kiraly

If you’ve been named player of the century by the international governing body of your sport, it is safe to say that you belong in the conversation as the greatest of all time. Karch Kiraly is one of only three people to win the gold in both forms of the sport: beach and indoor. After a great college career, he began helping the US National Volleyball Team dominate. In 1984, he lead the team to gold.


He followed that up with being named the top player in the world in 86’ and 88’. His professional career then carried him to Europe, where he won several championships with his Italian League team. His beach volleyball career is just as impressive as his national one, having won at least one tournament in 24 out of his 28 seasons! In the end, he finished with nearly 150 beach volleyball titles. Better hope he isn’t playing for the other team!


There might not be a sport that is more fun and exciting than volleyball on a beautiful summer day. Contact Pop! Events to include a volleyball match in your next team event.