Green Screen Photography Activation


Last week our event planning team was tasked with a very exciting corporate event for Manulife! The event was a huge success thanks to the strategic planning and execution of our photography, event and design team, as well as everyone who participated.  

You might have seen the commercials and billboards around the city that are trying to make people aware that listening to your little inner savings voice can really help you achieve your goals.


Incorporating different savings strategies are so important in our everyday lives and this campaign shines a light on the difference that just a few dollars a day can make.


Why This Message is Important for Consumers


The campaign hit home for me because going out for dinner was something I would do often. I’d spend money on groceries but have the little voice saying “you have fresh food in the fridge.” I decided to try only going out for dinner once a month. I quickly began saving money and after reaching my savings goal I had the opportunity to take a trip to beautiful Costa Rica on a backpacking adventure. This campaign captures how small changes can make all the difference, and we were honored to be a part of helping to spread that message! 



Creating Buzz With Experiential Marketing


Our event organizing team executed on our clients idea to create a unique photo activation experience for Manulife employees. We started by setting up a green screen photo booth. 



Our green screen photography is a total interactive experience for any function or event. Guests can be transported to any location, whether it be standing next to the Eiffel Tower or becoming a Superhero in our Up Up and Away Photo Booth below. This photo activation transforms guests into Superhero’s flying through the sky! The sky’s the limit to the type of activations we can bring to your corporate event. 




Creating The Little Voice Using Green Screen Photography


For our client, we customized their background for the campaign and through photoshop were able to create their “little voice” persona.  Using photo activation marketing is a great way to inject fun into any corporate event. 



Employees chose a headline that resonated with them and related to something they could do to help them save. For example, if a person feels guilty for spending too much on coffee every day they could choose “listen to your little voice and brew your own beverage” as a fun reminder to make coffee at home more often. They then posed as both themselves and their little self in front of the screen and two pictures of them were taken.  

Next, our on site editor designed the post card by shrinking down their “little voice” image. This was done using photoshop  and within a few minutes their picture was complete!




The postcard was printed and the employees were given their own copy as well as a digital copy that was emailed within 24-48 hours. This activation emulated the clients vision and provided employees with a giveaway that they’ll be sure to keep and benefit from! 




These are some of the examples that employees were able to choose from. Do any of these scenarios resonate with you?  


  • Listen to your little voice and brew your own beverage. 
  • Listen to your little voice and make a meal instead. 
  • Listen to your little voice and only spend on essentials. 
  • Listen to your little voice and rethink your commute. 
  • Listen to your little voice and invest instead of splurging. 
  • Listen to your little voice and stop searching on amazon. 

Have Our Toronto Event Planners Host Your Corporate Event


Our green screen photography activation is a great way to create brand awareness, buzz and market your company or campaigns in a fun and unique way. If you’re looking to host a corporate event or corporate party, we’d love to help you think outside the box and create a memorable experience for your employees!