September is flying by and every kid gets excited as October comes around because Halloween is just around the corner. If your kid loves to play dress up and also has a sweet tooth, you know all to well how much fun Halloween can bring to a household. Pop! Events has a bunch of fun sets to integrate as props, accessories and gadgets into this year’s costumes. Here are a few ideas for your upcoming Halloween-themed event!


Dress up Superhero Sets for Girls and Boys

cape-1 cape-2

The Dress up Superhero sets comes in two colours: a warm pink hue and a bright fiery red. Each set includes a cape; two arm cuffs and a mask. The beauty of this product is that it can be applied as a base costume that you can add to. The simplicity of the design leaves room to add other features to create your own superhero, or to turn the costume into a specific superhero character.


Tip: Get some buttons, jewels, and fabric paint to bring his costume to a whole new level.


Princess Accessory Set


Got a little princess-admirer in the house? This set is perfect for decking out a princess costume with the right accessories.

It comes with:

  • A tiara
  • Wand
  • Jewelry – earrings, necklace and bracelets
  • Slippers


Tip: If you’re looking for an economical Halloween costume, make a homemade dress or tutu and add these accessories for a little extra embellishment!


FA American Girl Tutu Kit


If you want to make a homemade tutu for the princesses, ballerinas and fairies in the home, FA American Girl’s Tutu Kit is the perfect go-to. Pre-cut colourful materials will lead you to the perfect tutu for your little girl with no sewing required!

What it includes:

  • An elastic band for a girl’s tutu and a doll’s tutu
  • Purple and pink organza material
  • Instructions


Tip: Make your tutu sparkle by throwing a little glitter on it!


Monster High Hairffiti


Monster High’s Hairfitti is the perfect accessory to add to a ghoulish Halloween costume. If your child is hoping to dress up as something scarier for Halloween, this set can help them look the part! Choose from accessories and temporary hair colours to achieve the perfect witch, devil, doll, ghoul, zombie or monster!

This set includes:

  • 4 Hairfitti temporary hair crayons
  • 24 assorted beads
  • A hair threader
  • 24 elastic ties
  • Instructional design guide


Avengers Night Vision Binos


 Have a comic book fan in the home? Using toys like the Avengers Night Vision Binos could be the perfect prop if you’re planning on making your child into an Avenger. With this costume idea, there are so many opportunities for fun face and body painting, apparel and props to make your kid look and feel the part.


SPFX Saber


For all of the star wars fanatics, this is an essential to complete any Jedi costume: the perfect lightsaber. The SPFX Saber is motion touch activated, flashes in different colours, has a non-slip handle, comes with a stand and even has cool sound effects!


Pop! Events has a range of toys and kits to use as props, costumes and more for your upcoming Halloween event. Get in touch with us for more information on how to put together the perfect Halloween celebration!