At Pop! Events, we know how stressful it can be to plan a large or corporate event. We’ve been planning (and executing) some of the most exciting corporate events in the Greater Toronto area for over 30 years. That’s a lot of fun times!

When it comes to making an event successful, we know that a lot rides on the details. At Pop! Events, we rely on our years of experience and many contacts in the event industry to guarantee a smoothly run event, each and every time. From the food to the entrance details, we know how to ensure that every detail is thought of, and the only surprises are intentional!

What Do You Get When You Hire Us?

The Perfect Venue

Finding the perfect venue can be a nightmare. You have to find all the venues in your area, narrow down what aspects are important to you in a venue, compare prices, ensure that the dates work for your event, check capacity constraints, discuss regulations … the list goes on and on. Part of the difficulty in finding a venue for an amateur event planner is lack of knowledge. You don’t know the characteristics or pros and cons of each event venue, because you rarely plan events.

At Pop! Events, we can quickly narrow down what is important for your event. We can choose a venue based on our experience with each location and professional knowledge of what to expect and request. We can make this process painless because we do it all the time.

Not only do we find the perfect event for you, we also check that everything is set up and as contractually negotiated. You don’t have to worry about dealing with venue owners, because we do it for you.

Once we have the venue chosen, we plan how to use the site to its maximum effectiveness. Our experience with venue locations allows us to plan your event, using the space available to create the biggest impact and excitement.


It’s everybody’s biggest fear when it comes to a big event – handling the finances inexpertly and ending up with an overdraft. Nobody wants to overspend, and with so many bills to keep track of, it’s easy to do. At Pop! Events, we know that budgeting a big event is difficult, but we are experienced at calculating event expenses. We ask know where to spend an event’s budget. Many inexperienced event planners don’t know where it is important to spend money; we can help with this and suggest what percentage of your budget should go to what aspect of the event.

Event Staffing

Many people forget how important it is to have the appropriate personnel on site to ensure that the event is running smoothly. We offer our expert staff to service every event. Unlike employees who are contracted solely for this event, we have highly trained and professional staff who are accustomed to handling a large variety of corporate functions. You wouldn’t open a restaurant for a day with untrained staff, so don’t run an event with untrained staff! Our professional staff make the difference between the perfect day and a nightmare.

At Pop! Events, we have many amazing party rentals and perks, but we know that the most important aspects of an event lie beneath the surface. Your guests might not notice the benefits of a well-oiled party plan, but we guarantee that you will! Call us today to find out what a difference professional event planning can make.