Yeehaw! Welcome to our annual holiday hoedown with our most beloved and loyal client! November 12, 2023 was our very first and the most anticipated holiday party of the season because this year we traveled to the Wild West!

The event was held at Universal Event Space, and we managed to transform it into a beautiful farm full of little cowboys and cowgirls. The dance floor was decorated with rustic farm fences and tall sunflowers with real hay bales.

DSC 8618

Every guest was able to dress up as true Western cowboys at our rustic Country Up Station. We had an array of colorful bandanas, cowboy hats, sheriff badges and even adhesive mustaches available!

The kids had an amazing assortment of custom crafts to create themselves! One of the most fun and elaborate crafts we presented this year were the Hobby Horses. Each kid received their own horse on a stick to run around and feel like a true cowboy!

Build a Buddy is always the biggest hit with all of the guests, but this year it was even more awesome. We brought cows buddies to stuff and had custom made cowboy costumes for each toy – how adorable is that?

And, of course, we can never go wrong with Spin Tees. One of the most fun and creative crafts we have where kids get to customize their T-Shirt and unleash their inner artist! We do this craft every year and it never gets old especially when you witness a beautiful display of colorful T-Shirts!

Our entertainment shows this year were on a different level. We invited an amazing team of dancers to teach the little ones how to Line Dance! Vibrant costumes and dance flash mobs left everyone absolutely mesmerized and in awe.

Finishing up on our agenda was an all-time favorite – Animal Show. All of the guests were able to meet and learn about all kinds of critters and creatures! This Animal Show is always such a show-stopper and leaves the crowd absolutely speechless.

We had the most fun and rootin’ tootin’ good time at the frontier town of festive fun, and we hope to bring the holiday magic to each and every one of you! Stay tuned to see more of our fantastic holiday events this year and make sure to keep us in mind for next year’s celebrations!