Easter time is a great opportunity to host a family-friendly corporate event. At Pop! Events, we specialize in planning amazing holiday events. We love Easter, because it’s such a kid-oriented holiday. From the cute cuddly animals to the pastel colours and the focus on candy and chocolate, Easter is the perfect holiday for the little ones.

The History of the Easter Bunny
There are many different explanations for how the hopping bunny with a basket full of chocolate came to be, but the most common explanation seems to be that German immigrants brought him over when they came to America. With his cute ears and gifts of chocolate and candy, he joined Easter eggs as an Easter tradition.

In North America, the Easter Bunny has a lot in common with another mysterious (and cuddly!) holiday favorite. Like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny’s primary role is to spread candy and good cheer among everybody (but especially children). While Santa will leave candy in a neat little stocking (as long as you have been a good boy or girl) the Easter Bunny is more playful. The Easter Bunny likes to hide his gifts, preferably in the grass or forest. This is why the Easter Hunt is a long-established and beloved tradition.

How Easter is Typically Celebrated
Along with the Easter Bunny, other baby animals usually join in on the celebrations. From small little robin’s eggs to roly-poly chicks, Easter celebrates the babies that are born in spring. Pastel coloring is used, as suits a holiday that celebrates birth and renewal. Along with the Easter egg hunt, many candy options are usually on display, and there is opportunity for lots of fun crafts.

At Pop! Events, we have many activities available that are easily adapted for an Easter holiday party. From our candy concepts to our kid’s toys and gifts, you will love what we can do for your event.

Host an Easter Egg Hunt
With our amazing candy options and gifts, you can host the Easter egg hunt of the season. Add a costumed Easter Bunny or Candy Girl to make the event more exciting.

Arts & Crafts
Easter egg painting is the tradition, but the shells of eggs are actually quite delicate, and it is difficult to remove the yolk and egg whites to create a paintable shell. An alternative is to have the kids stuff a cute animal of their choice! Check out our arts and crafts section to learn more.

Candy Stations
We have an amazing selection of candy options to choose from. From our Candy Characters to our candy décor, we have everything you need to make your event a success.

This spring, let Pop! Events make your Easter holiday event one to remember. We can plan everything, from venue selection to gifts that the children can take home with them. Call us today to find out more!