Searching for ideas for company party planning?

As the party coordinator for your office, it’s just not easy when you’re tasked with organizing, planning, and managing a corporate event.

After all, your idea of a fun night might be catching the latest Netflix documentary or getting to work on that cat quilt of yours.

Hey. We don’t judge.

Whichever way you prefer to spend your time, it’s probably not necessarily what your employees and fellow staff members like to do for a fun night out. Fortunately, however, we’ll tell you what they’d likely be head over heels for …

Ever heard of Family Feud?

Everyone who’s anyone knows this old ABC/CBS game show — you know, the one you watched when you stayed home sick from school as a child.

Well, these days, anyone can play this beloved game show. And the best part? Just like it brought together the Johnsons, the Smiths, and thousands of other families of past … it can also bring your staff together at your next corporate event!

Family Feud Is Coming to Your Next Corporate Event!

All you need is someone to be host, and you’re ready to feud!

Pop Events is proud to offer all the interactive equipment and components you’ll need to play Family Feud in your office, at your next event, or pretty much anywhere your heart desires. 

Don’t remember how it works?

The game is played with two teams, which can be switched out, rotated, or changed at will to make sure everyone in your group gets a chance to play. Of course, on the real show, these teams are families, but surprise, you don’t have to be family to play with your co-workers.

One member from each team will go to the buzzers in the famous face-off. The survey question (for example, “Name something people consider a snack food!”) is read, and both individuals try to buzz in before the other. From there, it’s about the person who answers correctly first (or that person’s team) trying to come up with all of the “Survey Says!” answers before getting 3 strikes (wrong answers). The questions bounce back and forth between the teams until one team wins!

Still confused? Instructions come with the game, so don’t worry!

This game is perfect for non-stop laughs and tons of fun among your employees and staff. It’s a true classic, and it simply never gets old. After all, kids haven’t been faking sick for years to stay home and watch it for nothing!

Renting Family Feud for Your Team Is a Breeze!

We’ve already established that event party planning isn’t easy, which is why most Toronto Office managers and business owners turn to professional event party planning businesses when they need to plan their events.

These pros do everything from organizing venues and arranging catering to picking out napkin colors and yes, even renting the Family Feud game for you!

To begin planning your next corporate event (with included Family Feud game, of course!), contact Pop Events today!