Memories are made of indelible moments, and a great event is a sure way to rack some up. Whether it’s a corporate party or a product launch event, giving yourself plenty of time to plan the details really helps everything come together. However, one thing we can’t possibly control is Mother Nature. Preparing for the possibility of a downpour is a step in the right direction towards having a successful event. Here’s how to go about it.

Forecast  For Rain 

Before an event, it is vital to do a little research on the venue and check out the weather forecast for the day. Always be prepared for worst-case scenarios so that your event does not come to an abrupt halt.

If you’re hosting an outdoor event during a season that is more susceptible to rain, you may want to choose décor that is weatherproof. For example, when choosing seats and tables, consider plastic instead of using metal chairs and tables. Plastic chairs dry faster and are much easier to move under shelter if needed.

Prepare the Venue

Venue preparation is the key to having a successful event. Being familiar with the space allows for better seating arrangements and flow between different stations. This also applies to the weather. It’s extremely wise to visit the venue prior to your event to plan properly. During the visit pay attention to convenient shelter areas where activities and entertainment can be re-routed. The natural instinct is to rush indoors when it starts to pour, and you want to avoid this. Advance planning will allow your event to continue without the rain getting in the way too much. While you’re at it, check with the venue staff to see if they have a backup generator in case the rain interrupts power supply.

Consider Setting Up Tents

Rental tents come in all shapes and sizes, and come in quite handy against the rain. Beyond protecting your guests, there’s often expensive DJ and A/V equipment to keep safe, along with the food and sometimes candy that you don’t want oozing together after getting soaked. Proper tent space will save the day. These versatile event items also do great in the heat as they provide your guests with space to cool off in the shade. If your event is forecasting rain, make sure to leave a few extra tents aside (that setup quickly!) just in case you need some extra dry space for your guests to gather in. 

Seek Expertise

Event planners and staff have seen it all before. Consult with your team and your venue to see if they have any pre-established contingency plans for you to consider. If organizers are aware of all the details before the rain hits, dealing with it will be smooth, simple, and have far less impact to everyone.

Stock Up On Custom Printed Rain Accessories

Rain accessories will come in handy should the event take a dark turn. If there’s a high chance of a downpour on your event day, plan ahead to provide your guests with some convenience. Simple gestures such as sending out a rain warning through SMS or Email to your guests the day of the event will help them prepare and stay in good spirits. If you have enough time, take advantage of the rain! Custom umbrellas and raincoats are a great way to simultaneously keep your guests dry and elevate your brand.

Embrace the Rain

You can’t stop Mother Nature, so you may as well invite her to the party. If your event calls for rain, have fun with it! Many events have pools, waterslides, water balloon tosses, and a lot of other water themes and activities. A little rain can add to this with the right attitude and a little planning. If rain does fall on the day of your event don’t worry, Pop! Events has you covered! Ask us about rain-specific activities, how to stay dry, and how to make sure that rain doesn’t get in the way of a perfect event.