There’s no experience quite like smelling a freshly baked batch of cookies from the oven. The aroma automatically sends our sensory organs into a tailspin, forcing us to forsake what we are doing and run for the kitchen for a chance to bite into these delicious treats.


Pop! Events takes pride in our fresh baked cookie station because it gives event-goers in the Toronto area a chance to taste the magic of their grandma’s home baking right at a work function or holiday gala. They might be delicious, but they aren’t the only cookies on Earth. Here are some of the most iconic cookies from around the world.



We don’t even really know if they are pastries, cookies, cakes, or just a gift from the heavens above, but there is one thing we know for certain: macarons are incredible. These sweet confections are made with egg whites, sugar and almonds, and come in many different, delectable colours. Similar recipes to the modern treat date back to the 1500’s, and in modern times they’ve grown to have different variations in exotic locations such as Japan and Korea, to be featured in McDonald’s in Paris, and even have their own celebration day, March 20th (mark your calendars!).



You’d think a treat that comes from the Latin word meaning “twice-baked”, and was made sure to be extra dry for long-term storage wouldn’t be delicious, but thankfully that isn’t the case with biscotti. These Italian almond-based cookies are a staple of both the cuisine of their home nations, as well as many around the world. They are best served with a drink for dunking, and are often enjoyed after dinner as a snack. Buon appetito!


Gingerbread men

We couldn’t resist. We really tried, but they are just amazing, and we had to include them. Gingerbread cookies are world famous not just because of how great they taste, but because they are probably the most unique widely-consumed cookie in the world. Documentation of them exists all the way back to Elizabethan England, and to this day they are still enjoyed by people around the world both during the holidays and year-round.


Everyone loves cookies, and that’s probably why our fresh baked cookie station is such a smash hit around Toronto. Want that delicious, oven-baked aroma to take over your next holiday or corporate event? Just let Pop! Events know and we will bring it over.