If there were only a way to take a regular scene, slow it down a little bit, and make it incredibly epic, romantic, or exhilarating… Oh wait, that’s exactly what Pop! Event’s Slow Motion Photo Booths do! Slow motion has been in use around cinema for decades, and has been used across nearly every genre for decades. But there are a few moments that have really taken our breath away. Here are the most iconic slow motion moments to ever appear on screen:


The Matrix fight scenes

We tried to really narrow it down to one scene. We really did. But it just wasn’t possible to pick only one scene from this classic 90’s sci-fi action flick. Probably the greatest and most mind bending of all sci-fi films, The Matrix tells the story of a computer hacker who finds out the world is merely a computer simulation, and joins a group of rebels in the “real world” to try and take it back from the machines. The slow motion scenes when fighting the agents, training with Morpheus, or dodging bullets were ground-breaking – and nearly every action sequence since has been influenced by them.


2001: A Space Odyssey opening scene

This science fiction epic was nothing short of revolutionary in its time. One of the first true suspense films in the sci-fi genre, 2001’s opening scene is about as epic as it gets. With the sun rising over the Earth, some menacing Wagner overtones, and a primitive human tossing a bone in the air that turns into a satellite millennia later, it was a ground breaking and even controversial film in its time.


Rocky 2: the final round

One of the best feel-good movies of all time, Rocky needs no introduction here. When Philly’s favourite underdog got his second chance at Apollo Creed in Rocky 2, he didn’t disappoint. All of the hard work, turmoil, and emotion came to a head in the final round where the two fighters went toe to toe until the final knockout.


The slow motion sequence with each giving it their best still has everyone on the edge of their seats. When both Rocky and Apollo go down to the mat in slow motion, the air comes out of your lungs. By the count of 10, Rocky is on his feet, making him the heavyweight champion of the world. Yo Adrian, he did it!


Pop! Event’s SloMo photo booths will liven up any Toronto event. With our extra props and added services like putting your clips to your favourite songs, you will be able to recreate any of the most iconic slow motion scenes on film. Just don’t get too rough!