Candy Stations

Theatre Concession Stand

Perfect for upscale and Hollywood themed events. A scaled down replica of a real theatre concession stand!!

Twister Candy Station

A new “spin” on the traditional candy station, this 360 degree candy display will satisfy any sweet tooth.  

Candy Buffet

A Candy Buffet is a delightful display, sweet party favor and a serious crowd pleaser all in one. All of our Candy Buffets include: A selection of gourmet candy Decorative glass jars Personalized candy labels Personalized favor bags Attendant to monitor  

Interactive Jelly Belly® Station

Guests will love mixing their own flavor creations with the fun interactive station.

DYI Candy Station

Take all the work out of your next candy display – we do all the work for you! This super easy display provides you with candy, containers, bright linens, tongs, and cellophane bags for all your guests. We pack it all up and all you have to do is put it out on the table. …