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Our blackjack table rental is by far the most popular casino rental for casino parties. A must-have for your next casino theme party, casino night or corporate event entertainment. We provide highly trained professional blackjack dealers to give your guests a true casino night that they will not forget. Seats: 7 + Dealer  Space Required: …

Authentic Roulette Table

Our authentic roulette table is a one of a kind rental. Including a 32″ mahogany wheel, this is the real thing. This table has been featured on TV productions as well commercials. If you want the real casino feel at your event this table is a must. Space Required: 10ft L x 5ft W x …

Premium Roulette Table

Our premium roulette table rental is a mini version of our authentic roulette table. It has a 19.5″ wooden wheel comes along with special roulette chips, roulette dolly. Space Required: 7ft L x 4ft W x 2.6ft H

Basic Roulette Table

Our basic roulette table rental comes with a 19.5 plastic wheel special roulette chips, roulette dolly and a casino dealer for hire (if required). Space Required: 7ft L x 4ft W x 3.4ft H

Premium Craps Table

Our premium craps table rental has the authentic look and feel of a real casino craps table. The only difference is the size. This table stands at 8 feet by for feet allowing 10 people to play at any given time. Our professional dealers for hire will teach your guest how to play the game, …

Authentic Craps Table

Our authentic craps table rental is a one of a kind rental. Coming right from the casino floor this is as authentic as you get! This table has been featured in many TV shows, TV commercials, high end corporate events and has even made appearances at house parties! This table is 12’x5′ and seats 18 …

Hero Poker Table

Space Required: 8ft L x 4ft W x 2.6ft H

Poker Table with Wooden Legs

Space Required: 8ft L x 4ft W x 2.6ft H

Regular Poker Table

Space Required: 8ft L x 4ft W x 2.6ft H

3 Card Poker Table

The perfect casino table rental for the poker lovers at your casino themed event. This game has all the excitement of Texas Hold Em Poker with added payouts for bonus hands. It is you against the dealer in this easy to learn game that will surely keep your guests entertained. Seats: 7 + Dealer  Space …

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