Carnival Games

Bust One Balloon Bust

A balloon burst game safe for all ages! Each player throws bean bags at balloon attempting to pop it.

Porkchop Speedway Game

Children start your pigs! Each child chooses a colorful fluffy pig of their choice and the race begins. The first pig to oink and wiggle and walk their way to the finish line wins!  Size: 24″H x 35″W x 48″L

Duck Pond

Who can forget as a child plucking a plastic duck from the water and eagerly checking the number on the bottom to see what you’ve won? The Dunk Pond uses plastic or rubber ducks floating in the water. The child picks a duck and turns it over to reveal the winning number on its bottom. …

Pick a Pop

A fantastic game for all ages, even toddlers can have a turn. The child picks a lollipop out of game board and the color painted on bottom of lollipop stick will determine their prize. Game board holds up to 144 lollipops. Size: 18″W x 18″L x 5″H

Strike Em Out

Batter’s Up! Calling all pitchers – Strike Em Out is the perfect game for baseball fans of all ages. Make sure you throw straight into the catcher’s mitt and show off the mean curve-ball you’ve been practicing! 

Gone Fishin’

Colorful, delightful, and cute Gone Fishin’ appeals to young and old as they try to catch the Puffer Fish resting in the canvas.

Jungle Safari

One of our most popular games! This colorful and sturdy 7’x7′ game is perfect for the little ones!  Kids love to throw the bean bags and knock down the jungle animals. Size: 7″ x 7″

Sombrero Toss

Sombrero Toss is perfect for little ones! This 7’x7′ game challenges the player to toss the sombreros onto one of the three jumping bean characters.  This game is colorful, compact and cute and sets up in minutes. Size: 7″ x 7″

Penguin Fish Fling

An instant classic, our Penguin Fish Fling Game features a 5 foot wide frame with two open holes (baskets) in which players use the spring loaded foot flinger to fling fish into the penguin’s basket!  Totally addictive and fun! Size: 5″


Swashbuckler lets players test their skill by catapulting rubber cannon balls into the pirate ship. This game comes with a launcher and canon ball to shoot. Size: 8″ x 8″