Carnival Games

Leaping Lizards

Well Leapin’ Lizards, ain’t this a fun game! Our newest table top game combines the fun of a Hammer Striker with the skill of a Bean Bag Toss.  Place one of the lucky lizards on the diving board and strike the back of the board to “leap” him into the air. But it’s not just …

Street Skee

Taking Skee Ball to the Street! This portable Skee Ball brings your favorite carnival game right to your event! What’s your high score?

Strike Em Out

Batter’s Up! Calling all pitchers – Strike Em Out is the perfect game for baseball fans of all ages. Make sure you throw straight into the catcher’s mitt and show off the mean curve-ball you’ve been practicing! 

Bust One Balloon Bust

A balloon burst game safe for all ages! Each player throws bean bags at balloon attempting to pop it.

Porkchop Speedway Game

Children start your pigs! Each child chooses a colorful fluffy pig of their choice and the race begins. The first pig to oink and wiggle and walk their way to the finish line wins!  Size: 24″H x 35″W x 48″L

Saloon Shootout

Kids of all ages will love this exciting, saloon shootout game. Players can try to knock down the targets with the built-in dart gun!

Strike Zone

Bowling with a twist! Simply slide the pucks down the alley to flip the pins! You have three chances to hit all seven!

Roller Bowler

Push the ball hard enough to pass the first hill, but softly enough so that it doesn’t roll all the way back!

Whip & Skip

Whip the pucks around the hairpin curve and skip into the scoring rings! How high can you score?

Pick a Pop

A fantastic game for all ages, even toddlers can have a turn. The child picks a lollipop out of game board and the color painted on bottom of lollipop stick will determine their prize. Game board holds up to 144 lollipops. Size: 18″W x 18″L x 5″H

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