Since we specialize in creating the very best corporate events, we are always looking to provide new, fun and exciting services for any type of corporate party. Whenever we are running an event, we ensure that there are tons of entertainment options to choose from, and one of our most popular choices for all ages is jugglers. What’s better than seeing someone toss all of those things in the air with such precision and grace? Watching a juggler is a lot of fun – but we bet there is a lot about juggling that you didn’t know!

The Ancient Origins of Juggling

The earliest records of juggling date all the way back over three thousand years to Ancient Egypt. A wall painting found in a tomb depicts acrobats juggling. There have also been depictions of juggling in ancient China, Greece and throughout Africa. It’s fun to think that this common practice actually bridges the ancient and modern worlds of entertainment together!

Medieval Royalty and Jugglers

In medieval Europe, kings and other nobles would often have their own private juggler for entertainment. They would personally entertain the king or his guests, and at time were also expected to do acrobatics and even tell stories and sing songs. In fact the word ‘juggler’ comes to us from the Latin ‘ioculator,’ which means joker or jester. The French word ‘jongleur’ also refers to a wandering entertainer or minstrel that was popular during the Middle Ages.

Juggling Improves Brain Power!

Juggling requires a tremendous amount of concentration and coordination (as you might have guessed). This forces your brain to create new neural pathways, and can therefore help strengthen your focus, memory and can even relieve ADD. After all, you are throwing a bunch of objects in the air, and need to make sure you catch them all continuously in sequence before they fall to the ground – it’s not as easy as it looks!

Juggling might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of party entertainment, and that’s part of its charm. Other than being an ancient practice, the private entertainment of kings, and a great way to improve brain power, it is also a dynamic and fun thing to watch. Check out our juggling entertainment services, and all of the other neat extras we have to offer at POP! for your corporate event. You can bet they’ll make your next event a memorable one.