Hosting an event is always a little bit stressful. At Pop! Events we know that there a million little ingredients that go in to making a great party. In our experience, there are 3 main things you need: great people, great food, and great entertainment.

You know that you have great people and great food. So how can we help provide great entertainment? We think it is important to get people engaged with each other and moving. Why moving? Well, when was the last time you went to a party and sat the whole time? Wasn’t very memorable, right? At Pop! Events, we know that you want to get your guests moving and talking to different people. So, how do you get the ‘mingling’ to happen naturally?

Our Games

Games are one of the oldest socializing traditions that exist today. Play is often a crucial part of social interaction in many different situations. We all play games, whether we are a 6-month old playing peekaboo, or a 90-year-old playing bingo. So let’s get your guests in the game!

Oversized Games

We love our oversized games. The large size makes these classic games quirky and fun, but the traditional element ensures that your guests will not have to work too hard to understand the rules. There’s a fine line between embracing the familiar and providing something new that defines the most popular games, and this is why our oversized games are such a success. Our Giant Jenga is one of our favorites!

Inflatable Games

Our inflatable games are some of the most physically demanding and mentally lighthearted games out there. They’re big, they’re bold, and they’re super fun. They’ll have your guests falling over themselves (literally) to have fun. The bold colors and large size will ensure that your guests are feeling excited from the moment that they arrive.  They’re also great to combine with fun and zany prizes that have the dual purpose of promoting the event or your brand (check out our personalized merchandise section for more info). We personally love the Zorb Ball Challenge: we guarantee that everyone will be laughing when they see each other in these hamster ball suits!

Casino Games

Check out our casino games – they’re authentic, and you can even get a casino dealer who’s trained in the industry to show up to your event! The perfect way to add an element of sophisticated danger to your event. Try having your guests gamble with fake money to win special event prizes. These games are great for guests who want to be intellectually stimulated at the party. Watch your guests make new friends as they play to win!

Check out our games section for even more great ideas, like our Table Top and Sports Games, Video Games, and Game Shows. We’re always adding more fresh options to the list, so let us help you create memorable events and entertain your guests year after year.