A motivational speaker is defined as someone who motivates, inspires, and encourages an audience to think from a particular perspective. They encourage people to stand their ground, or to take action on a personal or public topic. They are challenging, charismatic, and compelling to listen to, making them highly influential people.


When it comes to corporate events, having a compelling speaker is highly beneficial to your company. They act as a focal point of the event and often leave a lasting impression on attendees. A compelling speaker can also set the bar for your events, giving people something to look forward to every time you host for instance, an annual event. This is what we look for in compelling speakers – and what you should look for too!



Nothing speaks to people more than personal experience. It’s how we make sense of our world, share these meaningful experiences and make connections with others. Compelling speakers use their experiences to stimulate thinking and to educate the audience. They offer insight through their perspectives by illustrating facts with personal anecdotes, adversities they have overcome and defining moments that were crucial in their success.


A speaker’s ability to convey their experiences gives them a natural authority and credibility over their field of knowledge. Credentials, work experience and other formal means of experience add to this to complete a full picture.



 A key point of connectivity when it comes to compelling speakers is their passion. They use their passion to persuade an audience. Their passion led them to do the incredible work that they’ve done and they make the audience want to hear about it. Audiences want to hear about how their passion turned into perseverance. A speaker’s ability to convey their passion will set an inspiring and positive tone that resonates with people at your event.


The Full Package

 A speaker can add value to an event with a combination of the following qualities:

  • Entertaining
  • Comedic
  • Educational
  • Motivating
  • Inspiring
  • Persuasive
  • Authoritative


Some speakers speak from an academic point-of-view while others are more informal and encourage audience participation. No matter the case, they will add value to your event. The flexibility you get from hiring a compelling speaker is endless and it’s possible to customize the kind of speaker you’d like to have depending on the tone of your event, the type of audience you’re catering to and their interests.


Pop! Events works with some of the best motivational speakers from across the globe, and brings them to your Toronto Area events to entertain, inspire, and ultimately convince the audience to take action in some shape or form. Consider hiring a compelling speaker for your next event to create a memorable lasting impression on your audience!