Everyone loves candy. Everyone especially loves candy when it’s in an amazing container that’s just free for the pickin’. That’s why our new 360 degree Twister Candy Station has become such a popular hit at Toronto events. This display is a lot more than just your traditional candy container, too. If the idea of having tons of different types of candies served up to you personally by a smiling attendant all from a majestic looking centrepiece sounds exciting, then keep reading!


The 360 Degree Twister Station has all of your favourite varieties

Pop! Events Prides itself on providing one of the best selections of candy in the industry, and when they are displayed crystal clear for all to see in one big wrap-around case, it makes it all the better to lay eyes on. The rainbows of different colours will make the tastes all the more appetizing. Choose from classics like gum balls, M&M’s, Sour Candies, Gummy Bears, and many more.


What comes with the station?

The 360 degree Twister Candy Station is one of our most popular party pieces because it does more than just sit there and look pretty. Pop! Events puts a lot more gusto into it. When you order this candy piece, you get:

The Candy Station

  • Glassware display
  • Acrylic gift Boxes
  • An attendant
  • Up to 13 varieties of candy
  • And 2 hours of service


Added extras, too!

If the original package isn’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, then we can make sure to do what it takes. We have some great added extras if you find yourself wanting more candy. You can add extra servings, extra hours of service, and even customized logo candy containers to make it really look appetizing!


Some companies like having fountains and others like statues. But for the ones that love candy, there is Pop! Event’s 360 degree Twister Candy Station. This candy-holding centrepiece comes with beautiful glass containers to display some your favourite varieties of candy.