With summer’s warm weather come more opportunities to spend time doing the things you and your family love. So why not let Pop! Toy and Party Services create a memorable family picnic for all your employees and their families to enjoy?

Rather than renting the standard reception hall, we’ll help you plan an outdoor event so everyone can take advantage of the summer sun. It’s a great way to get everybody together in one place, to catch up and reconnect – not to mention an opportunity to spend quality time with your coworkers outside of the office.

Planning a family-friendly company picnic can be daunting. Between trying to make sure there’s enough food, making sure the food fits everyone’s diet, and managing fun activities and entertainment that are age appropriate for the whole family, it’s hard to find any time for yourself to enjoy the fun.

So why not let our event planning experts at Pop! Toy and Party Services take care of it for you?

Here at Pop! Toy and Party Services we offer a wide range of activities, entertainment and catering options for the whole family to enjoy. Our event features include:

·  Interactive Animal Stations

Let the little ones have some fun with on-site interactive animal stations, where children can interact with a variety of cute and creepy animals. We offer a selection of animal stations including an exotic animal demonstration, a reptile station, and even a farm animal display. Here kids can have fun while also getting a chance to learn about the animals being presented.

·  Relay Races and Games

At Pop! Toy and Party Services we can organize games your whole company, and family, can enjoy. We offer a fun and affordable relay race package which can include games like tug of war, potato sack races, ring toss, and three legged races. In addition, each participant will receive a medal for their efforts.

·  Organized Sports

If you’re the athletic type, then Pop! Toy and Party Services can also offer a selection of sport tournaments for you to choose from. Not only will we take care of organizing the games for you, but we can include sport simulators and even professional athletes to make your party stand out.

·  Music, DJ’s, and Live Bands

If you’re looking for top notch entertainment, then look no further. Here at Pop! Toy and Party Services we have access to some of the best entertainers in the city. If you’re looking for a themed band, a particular sound or the latest dance hits, we’ve got you covered.

· Custom Catering

If you’re having a themed company family picnic, or want some of your favourite barbecue favourites, then Pop! Toy and Party Services can give you just what you asked for. In addition to a traditionally barbecue menu, we also offer themed food options, food carts to enjoy on the premises, and can even supply your picnic with custom desserts.

A company family picnic should be fun and allow you to spend time with the people you care about most, so let Pop! Toy and Party Services do the hard work for you. Give us a call at (416) 665-3594 and let’s talk about how we can help make your next corporate event a memorable one.