Of all the types of artists that you could have at a party, the one that perhaps brings the most smiles and enjoyment is a caricaturist. These people make their living drawing beautiful, well-detailed, and often hysterically funny depictions of real life people.

From the Italian for “loaded portrait,” caricatures are pictures with exaggerated or over-simplified features of the subject. They are one of our favorite party specialties here at POP! Events Group and we know that they can bring joy wherever they go. Here are some of the world’s most famous caricaturists so you can get an idea of what they do best.

Al Hirschfeld

One of America’s most famous and over-the-top artists, Al was known for depicting celebs and Broadway stars. He would often depict them for magazines as prestigious as the New York Times, and his black and white images were used on magazine covers several times over the course of his life (he lived to be 99!). Known more for his simplistic drawings of people rather than exaggerated features, he was popular well into the 1990s. We have plenty of great artists that can draw simplified versions of the kids and parents if that’s what you’d like.

David Levine

Another New Yorker, David Levine is known as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. He was offered to audition as an animator for Disney at the age of 9! Although he got his early start in the middle of the 20th century as a painter, he is more known for his work as a political caricaturist. He went on to draw nearly 4,000 different pieces! Known more for his comforting depictions of people, we could definitely help you get drawings in his style if you wish.

Drew Struzan

Our first West Coast entry on the list, perhaps it’s fitting that he is known as the artist of the stars. He is more of an all-around artist, but he is well known for caricature-like depictions for movies, especially on his more than 150 movie posters. He can draw anything and everything. He has made a great career for himself and is still trucking along at nearly 70 years old!

At Pop! Events Group, many of our artists specialize in drawing people like their favorite actors and actresses, so if you’d like to be drawn like a Hollywood celeb, then we can have that arranged for you! We love nothing more than providing great artists for your parties. Not only are they a lot of fun, but they also put a smile on kids’ faces and help them go home with something they can keep for years to come. We can help find you a caricature artist just like the most famous ones to draw you and the kids in any crazy way that you want.