Hallowen is the spookiest time of the year when ghosts, goblins, and all things supernatural come out to play. Trick-or-Treating, attending a Halloween party, and enjoying a scary movie are definitely the best ways to celebrate this ghoulish holiday. But what if you combined all of them in one?

We celebrated Halloweekend with an incredible team from Oliver Agency at Manulife Headquarters! It was the best Halloween party because it had everything – Trick-or-Treating with everyone’s favorite scary characters, lots of pumpkins, sweets and snacks, and a cozy movie night.

Located at 200 Bloor St E, Manulife Insurance owns a spacious office space and a beautiful side garden, which we completely transformed into a colorful pumpkin patch using real pumpkins! Guests were able to pick their own pumpkins and take them home as a very unique party favor.


The walkway leading up to the main entrance was transformed into a Trick-or-Treating corridor with 4 different stations where kids were able to get candy from the most famous scary characters: Mr Dracula, Mummy, Wicked Witch and Frankenstein. After getting a bag full of candy, the guests were welcomed inside.


Right by the entrance the guests were able to capture the moment using our Scary Photo Booth and take those printed memories home.


And before the movie started, parents took their kids to engage with Halloween themed crafts and unleash their creativity!

Kids were able to transform into characters themselves thanks to our face painters and tattoo artists.

The main star of the indoor decor was the Spooky Hallway. Created using four 8ft metal arches, burlap fabric and lots of spider webs and autumn leaves, this hallway was lit from the inside using uplights and themed Halloween GOBOs. Walking through this construction was the scariest challenge for our little guests, and it definitely added to the spooky spirit of the holiday.

Our terrifyingly talented illusionist interacted with all the guests before the main show started. He pulled an entire magic show himself drawing everyone to join and be astonished by his tricks, and opened the movie night with a special custom trick.

Of course, the main attraction for all the guests was the movie night – we watched Hotel Transylvania, a Halloween animated movie classic. Everyone snuggled up with their snacks in front of the screen and thoroughly enjoyed the movie with their loved ones.

We had a thrilling night filled with exciting adventures and delicious candy! We hope you had just as frightfully amazing Halloween yourself, and feel free to contact us for more information about this or any other event you have in mind!