It’s March! And one of the most exciting events in the sports world is upon us. That’s right — March Madness begins this Sunday, March 11 at 6pm with the broadcast of Selection Sunday.

Whether you’re in charge of company event planning for your office celebrations or you’re simply looking for ways to spice up the competitive exhilaration of the tournament among your co-workers, Pop! Events Group would love to help!

We can make your March Madness events and activities even more exciting and fun than you thought possible!  After all, doesn’t your staff deserve a little fun after making it through all these long, cold, dragging months of winter?

Start planning your Selection Sunday party, office pools (download the blank bracket here), viewing parties, and other events today by implementing some of these exciting ideas into your event planning!

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#1 – Create a festive atmosphere with branded décor and activities.

Throughout the month of March and until the big championship game on April 2nd, turn your workspace into a March Madness madhouse! Pop! Events Group has numerous options for creative décor that will fit perfectly with the March Madness theme.

Talk to us about getting merch appropriate to your staff members’ favorite teams or the championship itself. We can also provide you with decorations like edible centerpieces , for you Toronto fans who want Raptor colors for your table decorations on game night. Do you have a particularly competitive group on your hands? Our interactive basketball is exactly what you need! These basketball setups can be brought right into the office, allowing your staff battle it out head to head for bragging rights! We have additional game rentals to choose from!

#2 – Offer exciting prizes throughout the month.

Of course, you’ll want to offer a huge prize for the ultimate winner from your office pool. Throughout the month, consider offering numerous smaller prizes as well. Raptor merchandise will likely be the most popular, but Pop! Events can create any customized merchandise you can think of! From customized jewelry and heat press merchandise like t-shirts or clothing, to water bottles and smartphone covers, check out our huge selection to get some creative ideas!

#3 – Hire Q-Mack the Basketball Dribbler for your viewing parties.

As one of the leading event planners Toronto has to offer, Pop! Events is connected with numerous marketing companies, PR agencies, and professionals in Toronto who can help make your event even more successful.

Professional basketball entertainer Q-Mack the Basketball Dribbler is the perfect example. A seasoned event host and former host of the coast-to-coast 2016 NBA ALL-STAR TOUR, Q-Mack can turn your viewing party or kick-off celebration into a wildly fun event that will leave your employees and co-workers in awe!

#4 – Organize your own basketball tournament!

Do you have a sports-loving staff who enjoy a healthy dose of competitiveness? Consider organizing your own basketball tournament! Pop Events can take care of planning all aspects of the competition, including jerseys, refs, stat keepers, even a tournament director and sponsorship signage! The professional feel is sure to make everyone on the court feel like one of the pros.  

#5 – Go out with a bang!

The National Championship game will take place on Monday, April 2nd at 9pm ET. What better way to end the tournament than with a massive viewing party?

Pop Events will pull out all the stops, providing delicious food, a large viewing screen and sound for the game, merchandise, entertainment, servers and activities. It’s a great reward for your staff members and an excellent way to show everyone just how much they are valued. Just leave it to us!

Not March Madness Savvy Yourself? Here’s What You Need to Know

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • March Madness is a basketball tournament, pitting NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division 1 men’s basketball teams against one another.
  • The first March Madness tournament took place in 1939.
  • Teams make it to the tournament either by getting an automatic bid because they won their conference tournament or by getting “at-large bids,” which means the NCAA selection committee determined they deserved to be in the tournament.
  • It’s a single-elimination tournament. Everything starts with the 68 chosen teams, then 4 lower-ranked teams are eliminated in what’s called a “play-in” round.

From there, the final 64 teams play each other according to a set schedule. The winner of each game moves on. Loser goes home.

Rounds dwindle the teams in the First Round and Second Round until all that’s left are the “Sweet 16,” the “Elite 8,” and the “Final 4.” Finally, the final National Championship game is played, on Monday, April 2nd at 9pm ET.

  • As a tradition, the winner of the entire tournament cuts down the nets after their victory.

Find more information here at the official NCAA website.

Is Your Workplace Mad About March Madness?

If so, give your staff a corporate event they can actually get excited about! You can make March Madness fun and exciting for the whole office, and Pop Events will be there to put in all the hard work and organization planning.

Not only can we provide hours of entertainment for any company team building events related to March Madness, we can also connect you with the ideal activities, branded-décor, promotional merchandise, photography, entertainment, and much more.

Our expertise is in the coordination of all of these elements at once to help you create the perfect March Madness corporate entertainment and fun for your office.

Pop! Events Group, the corporate event planners Toronto businesses trust to take their party to the next level!

Take a look at our amazing entertainment, activities, merchandise, and company event planning options on our site. It’s full of ideas that your employees and co-workers will be sure to enjoy.

Get in touch with us and request a quote. We look forward to working with you!