Turn on any radio station and you hear them. Look in many restaurants, bars, and stores and you see their photos. Turn on the TV and they are there. Rock stars are just about everywhere in our society. The heyday of rock stardom may have past, but they will live on in our minds forever. But how did it happen? How did Rock n’ Roll become so popular and how did these musicians become rock stars? Our love for rock music is why we offer awesome party themes that give you rock star status. Here is a quick history of Rock n’ Roll.


Early African-American roots

What we know today as rock n’ roll is really a mixture of many different types of music that were prevalent in the American South in the early 20th century, mostly from African-American culture. Early music styles such as blues, gospel, and jazz slowly fused with popular European-American music styles like country and western to produce a more upbeat, rhythmical, and energetic music. In its current form, rock is a more upbeat style of rhythm and blues music using modern instrumentation (especially electric guitars) rather than traditional acoustic guitars.


Crossover stars and mass media

The real proliferation of rock music didn’t occur until the confluence of two major factors in the 1950s: popular crossover stars and mass media. In the 1950s, blues and early rock were considered a dance music that was mostly seen as African-American music, and hence mainstream stations were reluctant to give it air time. Only once major acts like Elvis, Buddy Holly, and Bill Haley revolutionized the sound did a wider audience take notice. This also coincided with the advent of mass media. Television is vital to the perception of rock personas, and without it, rock n’ roll would be more like folk than the worldwide pop culture hit that it is.


The rock star explosion

Rock n’ roll not only came during a time of great technological change, but also of social change as well. These were difficult times, and many civil rights, social issues, and cultural norms were in upheaval. Rock stars embodied a move away from what was seen as traditional conservative culture. They didn’t work 9-5 for a corporation, they spoke their minds, and they were more concerned with peace, love, and fun than with making money. They struck a chord with the population. Rock stars, with their tattoos, socially-charged lyrics, and skills with an instrument were idols for a generation that wanted change. They said the things that most people couldn’t. That’s why they became so popular!


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