We aren’t sure how people got through the grueling summers before the invention of ice cream. This delicious frozen mixture of milk and sugar is basically inseparable from our idea of summertime. Whether it’s from the store, your own freezer, or straight from the ice cream man, enjoying an ice cream helps make every day better.

Thankfully, Pop! Events can bring the ice cream fun right to your event with our awesome ice cream cart. Get one for your next party and you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favourite kinds quickly and conveniently. You know what the best part is? It’s great for the environment and it’s even made with outer space technology! The cart, that is, not the ice cream (though that’s probably in the future, too!).

Pop! Events ice cream cart

Imagine a summer picnic without ice cream. Having trouble? That’s because it’s impossible. Having a delicious frozen treat helps keep the sun at bay, and it’s even better when the cart that holds them is on wheels and comes right to you. Our ice cream cart serves all of your favourite novelties like sundae cups, ice cream sandwiches, Fudgesicles, and many more. We even have non-dairy options!

Our eco-friendly option

Staying cool is made all the better when you can do so and still be helping the environment. As a part of our dedication to sustainability, Pop! Events has carefully chosen a model that is made with the environment in mind. The materials selected to build the cart are all very recyclable. This model is lighter and more efficient than anything before it! Now you can tell everyone that you’re eating from the most efficient ice cream cart ever produced!

To infinity and beyond!

You know that the machine you’re using is amazing when you find out that some parts were developed for outer space! Now Pop! Events and NASA share something in common! The special vacuum insulation panels were developed for use in outer space and also on scientific freezers.  Sounds like something out of science fiction, doesn’t it? That’s the reality that we live in though! Even our ice cream machines are in the space age.

Enjoying a frozen treat in the hot sun makes any picnic better, but how about enjoying one from an ice cream cart that’s energy-efficient, recyclable, and made with space-age parts? Sound awesome? Let Pop! Events know when you want to add an ice cream cart to your next Toronto event, and we will make it happen.

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