Nothing is as exhilarating to our taste buds as delicious sugary treats. That’s why people have had a hankering for anything sweet since we first discovered sources of sugar in nature (like fruits). The history of candy is long and storied, and with vintage candy carts from Pop! Event’s you can share this age-old joy with your whole company. Let’s trace it from its storied beginning to the modern day candy industry.


The beginning: natural sweets

It all began centuries ago in Southeast Asia, where the word shakara referred to natural sugar cane which is indigenous to that area. The Greeks, who loved honey, were fascinated to find out that the people of India had “reeds that produced honey without bees.” They then spread sugar cane farming around their empire and began using it to produce all sorts of confectionery goodies. Still, even with sugar cane, honey was remained the dominant source to satisfy sweet tooth cravings back in ancient times.


The Industrial Revolution

The world of candy remained relatively stagnant until the Industrial Revolution, where candies went from rare treats and even home remedies to readily available commodities that were affordable to the masses. Since spoiled food and unclean water were common, candy was relegated to mainly serving as after-dinner digestive aids meant to soothe the stomach (our kind of medicine!).The availability of sugar and the technological advancements of the time made mass produced candies something everyone could enjoy. The modern candy industry had been born!


Modern candy brands

Our vintage candy carts might look like they are from the 19th century, but they are full of modern candy that is branded and carefully crafted by some of the most successful companies on the planet. It’s impossible to leave your home and not notice M&M’s, Hershey’s, or Reese’s just about everywhere you go.


We love putting smiles on people’s faces, and there is no better way to do it than providing delicious candies. Doesn’t matter if it’s in baggies, in our awesome vintage candy carts, or delivered after a great BBQ right out of the box, Pop! Events has got candy on lock!