1. Food Truck Events
2. BBQs Events
3. Ice Cream Days
4. Easter Outdoors
5. Carnivals
6. Outdoor Activities
7. An Historical Adventure Event
8. Volleyball or Soccer
9. Bike Building
10. Hot Chocolate Cart
11. Mini Golf Tournament
12. The Toronto Railway Museum
13. Harbourfront Centre
14. Segway Tour
15. Cycling in the City
16. Creative Painting Outdoors
17. The Art of the BBQ
18. Round Robin Events
19. Arcade Game Events
20. Live Entertainment Concert
21. Wine & Spirits After Work
22. Ghosts in the City
23. Murder Mystery Nights

“Happy Days are Here Again,” the 1982 song sung by Barbra Streisand, can apply to 2023. Most restrictions have been lifted, kids are back at school and many businesses are bringing staff back to the office. Things are looking up this spring and now is the time to start planning outdoor event ideas to embrace new beginnings.

Many folks may be hesitant to return to indoor events. This is mainly an emotional response to the past two years when schools and businesses switched to working online to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If we look back in history, we see many similarities to 9/11, the 1918 flu epidemic, and the financial crisis of 2007/2008. Fear of injury and the unknown created valid insecurities however, given time we overcame the problems, and things eventually went back to normal.

Our goal is to create events where everyone feels safe, where people can reconnect, and where everyone gradually begins to trust again. Let’s face it! As the song goes, “People Need People.” With spring on the horizon, we will see an increase in outdoor corporate events that are creative and will ease people back into larger gatherings.

The New York Times interviewed Erin Bromage, an immunologist, and biology professor at the University of Massachusetts who stated that the risk of contracting COVID-19 and Omicron is much lower outdoors than indoors.

Julia Marcus, an infectious disease epidemiologist in the department of population medicine at Harvard Medical School states “Outdoors is what will save us….. Isolation does not recognize basic human behaviour and basic human needs.”

The Mayo Clinic encourages people to explore outdoor activities to help reduce stress, distract people from problematic situations, and to cope with life’s challenges. Fresh air is constantly moving, dispersing respiratory droplets so it is highly unlikely that one would breathe in enough of the Covid causing droplets to contract the virus.

With this scientific data in hand, we as professional event planners encourage our clients to provide outdoor corporate events for their staff. Whether the event is on a large or small scale, management is acknowledging their employee’s hard work and loyalty. Outdoor corporate events help staff to reconnect and socialize in a safe environment.

We ensure that our events have the highest level of safety from hand sanitization stations, encouraging the use of masks and social distancing. One of the innovative ideas we have initiated is the colour-coded wristband. Different colours designate whether you wish to be high-fived, elbow-bumped or an all-out bring it in a hug. So cool!

There is an abundance of amazing and interactive outdoor event ideas that we can produce for you that will leave your staff exhilarated, refreshed, and ready to work!

1. Food Truck Events-Foodie Outdoor Activities in Toronto

Events featuring food are always an appetizing way to enjoy outdoor activities. Instituting social distancing and sanitizing your event planner can assist you in a safe and delicious activity. Food trucks catering from simple menus to gourmet dinners are ideal for an outdoor activity in Toronto. (In case you didn’t know, Toronto has the best food trucks ever!)

2. BBQs Events – A Favourite Outdoor Activity in Toronto

BBQs set up in the company parking lot provide an excellent socially distanced outdoor event. Your event planner will execute the perfect outdoor BBQ ranging from basic to gourmet ensuring that your outdoor event will be safe for all.

3. Ice Cream Days – A Welcome Outdoor Event in Toronto’s Company Parking Lots

For Toronto outdoor activities in summer, the arrival of the traditional Dickie Dee ice cream cart or the soft-serve ice cream truck always creates excitement when it shows up in the corporate parking lot.

4. Holiday Events – Celebrating Easter Outdoors in Toronto

When we think of Easter, images of bunny rabbits and fuzzy baby chicks come to mind. This is a great holiday to host in the outdoors. Your event planner will arrange the “Easter Bunny” to entertain your employees’ families with an Easter Egg Hunt, an adorable stuffable bunny craft and an Easter decorated candy cart. Hand sanitizing stations, Easter-themed masks and social distancing will make this a safe and fun outdoor event for everyone.

5. Carnivals for All Seasons – Outdoor Activities in Toronto

An outdoor summer, fall, spring, or winter (yes winter) carnival is a fun-filled activity to do just because! Carnival booths set up outdoors in the company parking lot stirs up lots of excitement. Your staff will have fun trying to win those cheezy carnival prizes and tasting all the different fun concession foods.

6. Team Building Events – Outdoor Activities in Toronto to Promote Togetherness

We have all been missing getting together with our colleagues for the past two years. Your event planner can ensure that outdoor team-building activities will be safe and socially distanced. Relay races are ideal games for team building. A rock-climbing wall will heighten the excitement for your corporate outdoor team-building activities. Don’t forget the ever-popular baseball game. Watch out Blue Jays! Keeping morale high and encouraging cohesiveness is critical and doable while planning socially distanced activities in Toronto.

7. An Historical Adventure Event – Exploring Outdoor Activities in Historical Downtown Toronto

Kensington Market street mural

Street mural in Kensington Market

I grew up in this wonderful and quirky area of Toronto. It has a rich multicultural history that is fascinating. Your guests will enjoy a walking tour of Kensington Market with a professional tour guide. This is one of our event planners’ favourite outdoor activities

8. Volleyball or Soccer – Perfect Outdoor Activities in Toronto

Volleyball and soccer are wonderful and energetic things to do outdoors. Your event planner will source the perfect location and provide all the necessary equipment to make this outdoor event a “ball.”

9. Bike Building – Pay it Back to the Community with this Toronto Outdoor Activity

There are so many feel-good elements to this awesome outdoor event. This combines teamwork, uniqueness, and camaraderie for your staff. Teams of two will build and decorate a bike outdoors. They will be judged for creativity and the length of time building it. Not only do the winners get a prize, but every bike builder will also be presenting a bike to a child. That my friends are a prize in itself!

10. Hot Chocolate Cart – Transition into Spring with an Outdoor Hot Chocolate Event in Toronto

Treat your hard-working staff to an outdoor hot chocolate morning as they come into work. Your event planner will engage a server (observing all of the safety protocols) who will deliver delicious hot chocolate complete with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Guaranteed to satisfy any chocoholic!

11. Mini Golf Tournament – Convert the Parking lot into a Fun Outdoor Event in Toronto

Golfers or wannabe golfers will be shouting Fore! Ask your event planner to organize an outdoor mini-golf tournament day in your parking lot. Don’t forget the prizes!

12. The Toronto Railway Museum – A Unique Outdoor Activity in Toronto

My love of trains reminded me of the Toronto Railway Museum where you can enjoy a socially distanced activity outdoors by exploring the rolling stock with a self-guided audio guide. Afterward, your team can enjoy a cold brew at Steam Whistle Brewery.

13. Harbourfront Centre – A go-to Place for Safe Outdoor Activities in Toronto

Skating on the Harbourfront Centre pond is a fun place to enjoy skating in the winter or sailing remote control sailboats in the summer. Ask your event planner to organize a fun-filled outing for your staff to do outdoors in Toronto

14. Segway Tour-A Fun-Filled Outdoor Activity to do in Toronto

After seeing the movie, Mall Cop starring Paul Blart, all I wanted to do was try one of those two-wheeled vehicles. Your event planner can organize a Segway tour in the Distillery District followed by a catered lunch at one of the outdoor patios. Great fun!

15. Cycling in the City-Enjoy an Exercise-Filled Outdoor Event in Toronto

Your favourite event planner will arrange a guided bicycle tour of the Toronto Waterfront, Toronto Island, and the Distillery District. Get yourself some crazy bike shorts and start pedalling!

16. Creative Painting – Enjoy Painting Outdoors in Toronto

During lockdowns and quarantine, folks found their inner creative being which helped to keep people active and engaged. Transitioning from home to the office may be difficult for employees. Help your staff over the hump by bringing in fun outdoor activity creative projects that are safe and fun. Your event planner is your go-to person to set up a socially distanced paint day where everyone can complete a “work of art” to hang up in their workspace. A Barista or bartender serving specialty drinks would add to the fun. Don’t forget to rent a tent in case of inclement weather.

17. The Art of the BBQ – A How to BBQ Event Outdoors in Toronto

A BBQ is an ideal outdoor activity. Make it more interesting and creative by hiring a chef to demonstrate the true art of outdoor cooking. Bonus! You get to do a tasting. Yummy.

18. Round Robin Events – A Fun-Filled Activity for Outdoor Corporate Events in Toronto

Round robin games are fun to play and will bring out the innate friendly competitive nature in your staff. These games provide things to do outdoors in Toronto. Tennis tournaments are ideal for round robins. Your event planner can secure the location and do all the scheduling and even provide trophies for the winning team and all the while ensuring that the event will meet all current safety standards,

19. Arcade Game Events – A Gamers Dream Outdoor Event in Toronto!

Arcade games would be a fun addition to a Toronto outdoor activity in the summer. Your event planner will hire the rentals, organize the games, and will ensure a seamless day of fun with a socially distanced event.

20. Live Entertainment – An Outdoor Concert Event in Toronto

Toronto has talented performers who put on entertaining shows such as cabaret shows and Broadway shows such as Chicago. I recently attended several outdoor tribute concerts. “Tina Turner” belted out, “Proud Mary” and got everyone up dancing. The one and only Elton put on a first-class performance. Will the real Elton please stand up! Ask your event planner to organize one of these outstanding outdoor shows.

21. Wine & Spirits – An After Work Outdoor Event in Toronto

The city of Toronto has allowed additional patio space for many restaurants in the past two years. Treat your staff to a Friday after-work event at an outdoor local wine bar or pub. A professional sommelier will teach your guest the nuances of fine wines and what to pair with them. For more fun, your event planner will engage a Flair Bartender to entertain your guests.

You don’t have to stop at just wine and cocktails. Think beer and whiskey tasting as well. (Rideshare drivers will provide passage home for all attendees.)

Take a walk on the wild side in downtown Toronto. Reliable sources have spotted and heard ghosts in the city. These “ghostly” experts will guide you through some of the famous ghost haunts. Remember, this is not for the faint-hearted. Taking photos may reveal a mysterious figure in your pictures. This is really scary stuff.

23. Murder Mystery Night – An Outdoor Event in Toronto for the Mystery Lovers

Your event planner will organize and execute a murder mystery event for your staff. (Did I just say “execute?”) Did you know that High Park might be the capture site for one of Toronto’s most horrific and notorious serial killers? Be part of the team that finds this monstrous murderer.


It’s been a long 2 years of social isolation from family, friends, and coworkers. Most of the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and events can resume but we need to be sensitive to each person’s comfort level. We can “break the seal” by focusing on outdoor activities and socially distanced events. We can’t wait to celebrate your next party with you and help reunite your amazing team.

I hope you enjoyed my list of outdoor event ideas. Stay safe, stay healthy and watch for my next blog post!

Eventfully Yours