We’ve all been there. You host an amazing event, but everyone’s having too much fun to think about taking pictures. Or, even more annoyingly, a few people are but they are not sharing. Part of the fun of a great event is looking at the amazing and hilarious photos the next day. Everyone loves having a good photo of themselves at an event, and it’s the re-sharing and Likes that happen which tell others about what a great event you had – far more so than word of mouth these days. A picture tells a million words, and that’s as true of “what you did last night” as it is for anything else.

Okay, so you get it. You have to plan the photography part of the evening as carefully as you plan the food and entertainment. How are you going to get the maximum number of your guests in the picture (pardon the pun!) and posting those photos to their online networks?

Make it Part of the Event

No one wants to be the first to pull out their camera and start taking photos. People nowadays are super aware of the pressure to be in the moment. That’s why it is important to make photos an interactive part of the event. Photo booths do the trick because they are interactive, include groups of people, and are not a #selfie. They’re a fun game that doubles as a photo or video.

Allow Access 

So you have a lot of guests, and they all want to see the photos that they took. You have to share them (don’t be that photo album hoarder!) and you also want to share them soon – ideally, while the event is going on, and if that is not possible, the next day. People want to post about what they are doing now, not what they did last weekend. That’s why it is super important that you have a way to collect the photos that you take and distribute them efficiently to all your guests, right away.

How Can Pop! Events Help?

We can provide photo booth services that allow you to make photos an interactive part of your event. This will ensure that your event is fully documented and the spread of images is encouraged by the “vibe” of the party.

Some of Our Photo Booths …

Digital Graffiti Wall

Check out our amazing Digital Graffiti Wall. Guests step up to green screen and get their photo taken. The photo will then appear instantly on a massive projection screen. Guests can then digitally paint on the photo using infrared spray cans or select from a wide variety of fun and wacky digital props. Then they can print and share it on their favorite social media sites.

Slo Mo Video Booth

We love this trendy Slo Mo Video Booth addition. Jumping on the trend of apps like Snap Chat and Vine, this video booth allows your guests to take videos which they then can instantly share on social media. Your guests can also choose from the stills what they want to save as a photo.

We have many more options, so check out our Photo Booth section to see how we can help hype up your event! We are also expanding this area, so check back in a bi