Photo Booths: Interactive Souvenirs from Your Party

Who doesn’t love a good silly photo? Everyone wants to leave the party with a photo as a memory, but it’s hard to make sure that you have a good photo of everyone. Photo booths are a great way to take that stress off your shoulders. Now you can relax and know that all of your guests have a chance to take a photo if they want. Plus, it’s a fun activity! Everyone loves hamming it up for the photo booth.

Here are a few tips to make the photo booth at your party the best one yet:

Bring Out Some Props!

Props will inspire your guests’ creativity. They’re fun to play around with and will help everyone get in the party mood. Having fun props will help your guests get silly and create memories that will last for years!

Think about Your Party Theme

If you have a strong party theme, you should definitely incorporate it into your party repertoire. Have theme specific props. Wands for young wizards, fake snow for budding Elsa’s and Anna’s, lightsabers for your Jedi knights and goggles for your young minions. Are you having costume making or face painting as part of your party? Consider opening up photo booth time after kids have had a chance put the finishing touches on their costume and take advantage of the face painting.

No Theme, No Problem!

If you don’t have a theme, here are some ideas that for props that you can use:

  • Sunglasses (always a crowd pleaser)
  • Colored wigs
  • Anything you can hold (toy guns, bubble wand, sorcerer’s wand, etc).
  • Crowns and hats
  • Funny capes
  • Masks

When Should You Get in the Photo Booth?

Okay, so maybe photo booths are fun all the time, but there’s definitely a peak time. It’s before the cake has been cut. You want your young guests to get in the booth before they have cake and ice cream all over their outfit and before the sugar high is harming their party mood. Photo booths are a pump up activity, so they’re great at the beginning or middle as guests are getting to know new friends and getting over their shyness.

Make Sure Guests Get Their Photos

The hard copies of these photos are a distinctive and appealing addition to any desk, workspace, fridge, or wallet. They are the perfect gift memento.
We live in a digital world, and we know that your guests will want to share their photos on Instagram, Facebook, etc. Why not help your guests out a little? Offer to make a shared album with all your guest’s photos, so they can relive the party any time they want!

Check out our photo booth options for more ideas! At Pop! Events, we’ve taken photo booths to the next level, and we want to help preserve all the memories you made at your party.