Typically, the Work Christmas Party (children or adult) is the most important event of the year. This is when management has the opportunity to thank all the employees for a job well done for the past year. And usually this overwhelming task of planning the work Christmas party falls on one or two individuals.

There is so much planning and preparation involved and for most people this is not their main job. Where does one start? Here is where I come in! I will guide you along in 11 easy to follow steps.


1. Setting the Date for the Company Christmas Party

Date for the Company Christmas Party

When setting the date for the Christmas Party it prudent to pick out a date and time where you will get the maximum number of attendees. For instance if you are having a work Children’s Christmas Party it would not be a great idea to have it the same morning as the Christmas Parade.

To avoid poor attendance send out a questionnaire providing 3 potential dates. You may also want to check with management if there are any important meetings or deadlines that would affect the work Christmas Party.

Once the date is established lets go on to the next step.

2. Planning a Work Christmas Party Budget

Work Christmas Party Budget

Now comes the tough part in planning your work Christmas party…THE BUDGET! Here you must be realistic. Quite often many companies set aside a certain amount for all of their events.

Don’t be afraid to ask if there is a possibility of raising that amount. You don’t get if you don’t ask. After all costs go up each year. Remember that you will not get any brownie points for not using the maximum amount of money that has been assigned. Use it or lose it!

3. Establish the Type of Work-Related Christmas Party

Work-Related Christmas Party

It is important to decide what type of work Christmas Party you want to plan. Will it be a Children’s Christmas Party or an Adult Christmas Party? Will it be formal or elaborate etc? Next comes the tricky part.

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4. Finding a Venue When Planning the Work Christmas Party

Venue When Planning the Work Christmas Party

Finding a venue for the work Christmas party can be very frustrating. If you don’t start early in the year it becomes difficult to find a venue on a particular day.

Remember there are hundreds of companies vying for the same space. You can go on line to find one, get some referrals or even ask your favorite Party Planning Company. Once you find one have a contract drawn up and go through it with a fine tooth comb.

Make sure all of the details that you discussed with your contact are in the contract.

5. Choosing a Theme for the Office Christmas Party

Theme for the Office Christmas Party

This part is fun! This is where your creativity shines through. If you are planning a children’s work party consider a Super Hero theme or a Christmas Wonderland theme. The choices are endless.

As for the Adult Work Christmas Party make it enticing enough to get great attendance. Drop hints about how amazing and fun the party is going to be this year.

6. Food is the Mainstay for a Successful Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party

What do you talk about first when describing an event that you recently attended? The Food! Right? You do have a lot of decisions to make here and many of these decisions will be determined by budget.

Firstly will you be using an in house caterer or will the venue allow you to bring in an outside caterer. Get prices for each and then decide which will work for you in terms of budget and quality.

Make sure you provide dietary options for example Vegan, Halal, Kosher etc. How will you be handling drinks at the Christmas office party? Consider transportation options if you are serving alcohol.

And above all, be creative with the menu. It doesn’t always have to be Turkey and Stuffing just because it is Christmas!

7. Planning the Work Christmas Party Invitations

Christmas Party Invitations

This is very important. You should make sure that all of the information is on the invite. It should include your company name, the Date & Time, the name of the venue and address, the party theme, dress code etc.

Make the invitation attractive and above all do not forget the RSVP information! Assign a staff member to collect the RSVP’s and chase down the no responses.

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8. Music is Essential when Planning a Work Christmas Party

Music is Essential when Planning a Work Christmas Party

Choose a band or DJ according to your budget. Interview them first. You want your party to be lively and upbeat with appropriate music for your employees.

If the budget won’t accommodate a band or DJ simply use an IPod loaded with Christmas songs and music that will get everyone on the dance floor.

You will need to hook up to a speaker system or an in house PA system. Rock away!

9. Alleviating Awkward Work Chit Chat with Entertainment

Chit Chat with Entertainment

There is nothing worse than a bunch of people trying hard to make conversation. The ideal solution to this is hiring interactive entertainment.

A Party Planner will always recommend a strolling illusionist when planning a work Christmas party.

They are very engaging and the folks will have fun discussing “how did he do that???” Another ice breaker is the ever-popular Photo Booth where everyone can ham it up with funny props with their co workers.

10. When Planning the Christmas Party Have a Full Itinerary Ready

Christmas Party

This is a must. You should have the names of all suppliers with their contact information including their cell numbers. Insist that they approach you when they arrive at the venue.

Prepare the schedule of events for example, speeches, dinner, Santa’s arrival etc. Keep this in a folder clearly labeled with your name on the front. Be prepared for any emergencies that may arise. Always have a survival kit with you.

For instance some of the things in this kit should be batteries, cables, first aid items, paper towels, scissors, various kinds of tape etc. Also remember that your entertainers need to be fed if the event is over 4 hours.

11. Get Feed Back after Planning the Company Christmas Party


You worked hard planning and executing this wonderful event. Send out a survey to see the reaction to the Christmas work party. I am sure if you followed my recommendations you will receive many positive comments!

So folks, there you have it. Your guide to planning the Best Office Christmas Party for 2018. If all of the above sounds really scary and overwhelming consider calling in a Super Hero…a professional Party Planning Company.

They will do everything for you and you can sit back and enjoy the party! Think about it will you?

Until next time,

Eventfully Yours

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