Whether you call it candy, bonbon, caramella, or even gozokiak (yes, that is the Basque word for candy), the delicious taste of candy is a universal language. People have been enjoying sweets for as long as there’s been civilization, so it’s no wonder that some of the highest selling products on Earth are candies. When we put our new concession booths together here at POP!, we do our research. Our concession booth rentals feature a wide variety of candies – but have you ever wondered what the most popular candies in the world are? Below are just a few of the most popular candies to include at your next event:



Packed with peanuts indeed – their slogan is recognizable across the entire English-speaking world, and their candy bars come in all shapes and sizes. Want to know just how popular they really yare? Well they do $3.6 billion in business for the Mars brand every year! Snickers’ chocolatey nougat deliciousness keeps people of all ages coming back over and over again. Just ask us to put some bite-sized Snickers snacks into your cart and see for yourself.


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Our personal favourite, Reese’s has been delighting people across the world for nearly a century and continues to be at the forefront of the confection industry. The great thing about their candies is you can have just one cup and save the others for later (though we rarely do). With $2.7 billion in worldwide sales, they clearly are one of the planet’s best and most popular brands. Your next candy cart or station wouldn’t be complete without them.



One of America’s oldest candy companies, Twizzlers is still delighting people around the world to this day. The original flavour was introduced all the way back in 1845, but nowadays Twizzlers come in flavours ranging from sweet and sour to cherry. These spiral treats are one of the most unique and iconic treats, and the world can’t get enough of them!


Half the fun of getting a concession booth for your corporate event is dreaming of all of the delicious candy options that you’re going to get. In a world full of delicious treats that make the mouth water, these most popular candies in the world are at the top – but you can always go off the beaten path and choose your favourites for your next event.