Ever wonder why nearly all schools and most professional sports have a mascot? Or why children’s parties around the world always seem to have a person dressed up as one of the kid’s favourite characters from pop culture? It’s because mascots bring our dreams to life. They encapsulate an idea, a feeling, a TV show, or a movie. They help make our imaginations feel real. It’s no wonder why they are the biggest hit at parties all around the city.


When kids see one of their favourite characters in the flesh they can’t help but go crazy. Some are from the world’s hottest games while others are characters from recent movie hits. Doesn’t matter where they’re from, as long as Pop! Events brings them to your party, they will be a big hit. Here are our most popular mascots of 2016.



You probably already know about Pokémon Go and how it’s the biggest hit in the world at the moment. Pikachu has long been the face of the Pokémon franchise both in the video game and in its numerous spin-offs. But now it’s reached all new heights. Pokémon Go has captivated even non Poke-fans, including this party company! Our Pikachu mascot is arriving soon and is already creating a buzz. If your kids are Pokémon fans, there is no other choice.


Minions (Kevin and Stuart)

They’ve been around since the dawn of time, just itching to serve their masters! Too bad they are normally super villains! All of the mishaps of these funny little creatures have led to a ton of laughs and a ton of profit at the box office. The Minions, led by their fearless leader, Kevin, along with musical genius, Stuart, now find themselves on their newest adventure away from their movie franchise: making kids and adults smile. With the success of their own film (the second highest-grossing animated film ever!), these guy are a hit at any party. They’ve been at the top of our list for months now.


Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story has been in our hearts ever since the original film came out more than 20 years ago. The fact that Buzz, the space hero, is still so popular today is just a testament to its staying power. All of the sequels to the franchise have helped keep it alive in the minds of children across the world, and we hope that Buzz never leaves the top of our list.


Mascots are one of our most popular event additions here at Pop! Events, and there are a few that always top the list. These three are some of our most popular mascots of 2016. If you want them to make an appearance at your next event, then all you’ve got to do is ask!