Christmas Circus Activities

What's one of the best parts about going to the circus? All the sweet and salty treats, and we've got you covered. We'll start with our Candy Limbo Stick Craft, where kids can pour their own candies into a stick and then play the classic game of limbo with their candy. We love playing with our food!

We'll also have a Chocolate Candy Apple Craft, where kids can cover their apples in chocolate, and use candies, sprinkles and other treats to cover the chocolate apple with. A delicious snack to bring home and enjoy for later. Our Popcorn and Cotton Candy Cart will be popping and twisting all day, with delicious treats to enjoy throughout the entire event. Our Inflatable Midway will make carnival games even more fun! We'll have a wide range of games for all ages, with exciting prizes for the inners.