Build a Buddy Craft Station

This craft is appropriate for boys and girls of all ages and is guaranteed to be a huge hit with any group! Each child will receive an animal to stuff and a T–shirt for their animal to wear. Kids can decorate the T-shirts using a variety of decals (all decals are stick on, no glue required). We will provide Fabric Markers so that they can write their names. We offer a wide array of animal varieties. These plush buddies are of a very high quality. The shirts give participants a chance to personalize their animal and make it their own. We provide enough stuffing for the animal to be full and huggable.

Build A Buddy Craft Includes:

  1. Animals to Stuff
  2. Individual Stuffing Packs
  3. T–Shirts
  4. A Wide Variety of Stick on Decals
  5. Fabric Markers
  6. All Necessary Staffing
  7. Delivery, Set Up & Strike

Available in Kits of 20.

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