Relay Race Packages

Run races between teams of contestants! Each contestant being relieved by a teammate after running part of the distance.

How it Works
Our coordinators will divide the participants into two groups. Each participant will receive a bandanna representative of their team color. Once teams are assigned they will meet with their team leaders to learn some cheers and create a team flag.

Next the entire group will start with a warm up/ focusing exercise and the groups are given a chance to show off their team spirit and cheer for their teams.

Then the teams run relays and are awarded a certain amount of points for each relay. Teams are awarded extra points for team spirit.

At the end each participant will receive a Gold medal!!! (Silver and Bronze medals available upon request)

Our Relay Race Package Includes:

  • Two Coordinators to Run Games
  • Megaphone
  • All Necessary Equipment
  • Olympic Style Medals for all participants
  • Colored Bandana for all participants
  • 5-6 Races from the following list:
    • Tug of War
    • Three Legged Race
    • Potato Sack Races
    • Sponge Pass
    • Water Balloon Toss
    • Pinky Hoops
    • Ring Toss
    • Hole in the Bucket
    • Hula Hoop Competition
    • Balloon Blast
    • Towel Flow
    • Knees and Elbows
    • Soccer Challenge
    • Ping Pong Push
    • Gold Rush

**Note: Water races require a water source onsite.

We can also provide:

  • Soccer, Football, Baseball, or Volleyball Tournaments
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Olympic Style Games for Adults