Summer Crafts


Choose from our exciting selection of activities!

Decorated sunglasses
a) Sunglasses Decorating
Each participant is given a pair of fabulous sunglasses. They can “glam them up” using a variety of materials. Add to quote.

Craft bird feeders
b) Birdhouse Craft
Adorable wooden birdhouses for kids to paint and decorate using a variety of materials. And you can also hand them up at home! Add to quote.

Two decorated draw sacks
c) Summer Sack
Natural drawstring canvas bags that kids can fully customize using markers, stickers, gem decals and their imagination! Add to quote.

Play farm with cows
d) Build Your Farm
An adorable farm with two farm animals, moss and a wooden farmhouse will make a great new decoration on your home’s shelf! Add to quote.

Fingers in slime
e) Slime
With our Slime Station, your guests will have the opportunity to make different kinds of slime with a variety of fun add-ins! Add to quote.