2. The Superior Holiday at Home Package

A package full of interactive holiday activities, shows and crafts for the children. This package includes:
• Coordination via streaming platform
• An experienced Event Host
• A Become Your Elf-Self segment
where kids find out their magical
Elf Name. Includes up to 100x elf hats.
• A holiday themed Scavenger Hunt
• A virtual Dance Party
• A one-on-one visit with Santa for
every child (2 minutes per child –
up to 2 hours)
• Up to 100x DIY Foam Holiday
Friend Craft
• Up to 100x DIY Wooden Sleigh Craft
• Up to 100x Wooden Ornament Craft
• 4 Candy Canes per child x
100 children
• All necessary packaging and
single GTA delivery
• Optional: Individual courier deliver
(quoted on request)