Virtual Easter Celebration

This year Easter is a little different but, doesn’t mean we can’t have some virtual fun! Our themed host will greet the kids and help them find their bunny names. After all, only official bunny assistants can help the Easter Bunny himself! From there our Host will play a themed game of Scavenger Hunt with a twist! Parents/Guardians will be asked to hide specific items in certain places of their home. Our host will give clues to help the kids find those items as well as some other random items from their home. We finish off the day with a guided Easter egg decorating craft. A shopping list and hiding instructions will be provided in advance to give Parents/Guardians time to prepare.

Your Custom Virtual Experience Includes:

  • Virtual setup & technical assistant @ 1.5 hours
  • Coordination via streaming platform
  • Virtual Easter themed host & bunny mascot @ 1.5 hours
  • Virtual Easter Egg & Scavenger Hunt @ 1 hour
  • Virtual Guided Craft Instructions: egg colouring
  • Shopping list for activities (themed design)