Virtual Reality Gaming

There are many Virtual Reality team building activities but, it doesn't get any better than VR Bomb Defusal. So, how does it work? First, the team will need to choose a player to wear the VR headset. This player will be interacting with a VR bomb sitting on a table right in front of them. They are responsible for cutting all the right wires, hitting the right buttons and anything else required to keep the bomb from exploding. The problem is they have no idea what to do! That's where the rest of the team comes in. Armed with instructions for how to solve any situation that the headset–wearing player is seeing, they will try to communicate the solution before everyone runs out of time causing the bomb to explode. You can expect to hear plenty of near misses, close calls, and celebrations as the teams work their way through the experience. If you're looking to promote teamwork and give people an opportunity to work together in a fun way, then this is an experience you should consider for your next team building event.