It’s been a while since we were last in touch. I understand that your manager has asked you to plan a very important corporate event. This is on top of your current workload. I am assuming that you were very flattered but now you are in panic mode. You are probably feeling overwhelmed and wondering where to begin. Please consider hiring a professional Event Planner. By using an Event Planner your anxiety will be reduced tremendously. Below you will find 10 benefits of hiring an event planner which you can present to your manager for approval when he asks you “why hire an event planner.”


1.  Saves Money

One of the main reasons to hire an event planner is that it will save you money. Jane, I know what you are thinking! How is it possible that hiring an event planner will cost less than if you do it yourself? The answer is simple. A qualified Event Planner has access to venues, rental facilities, photographers etc with whom they have established a strong working relationship with. They get discounts that may not be available to the general public and they have strong negotiating skills which will benefit you.


2. Saves you Valuable Time

The benefits of hiring an Event Planner are that they will save you hours of tedious phone calls trying to secure various elements for your corporate event. Because of their event planning skills and strong working relationships with vendors they will do all of the grunt work for you leaving you time to do your own job.


3. Your Vision Will Become a Reality

Jane, I know that you have a vision of how you would like your corporate event to look. But let’s be honest here. Do you really have event planning skills? Choosing the right event planner ensures you of a corporate event that will be professional and memorable.

Talk to your event planner about your vision and let them run with it. They will come back to you with an initial proposal which can be modified many times until you are totally satisfied.


4. The Way Things Look

When you hire an event planner things just look better. Professional event planners have studied things that the ordinary person would overlook. They have strong event planning skills.

For instance, would you think about the strategic placement of chairs and tables or the effect that colours have on attendees?

Would you know how to take a very basic venue and turn it into a magical place? Hiring an event planner ensures you that no detail will be overlooked and guests will feel that they are somewhere very special.


5. Trouble Shooting

This is probably the strongest benefit of hiring an event planner. Jane what would you do if at the ninth hour you find out that your guest lecturer was unable to make it on time due to some unforeseen reason. Or what if Santa’s wife phones you at 5 a.m. the morning of the Children’s Holiday Party to let you know that Santa was rushed to the hospital? This would be freak out time for you.

You most likely would not know how to handle these scenarios. The reason you hire an event planner is that you would never know about these critical situations.

An event planner will handle the pressure. They are skilled at thinking outside the box and they will execute plan B and you will never know that there was a potential problem.


6. One-Stop Shopping Experience

We all look for easier ways of doing things in our lives. We want to eliminate the stress as much as possible. The way to do that in the corporate world is to hire an event planner.

You give them your vision and they will execute your dream from start to finish. The best part is that you only have one itemized invoice to present to accounts payable.

Alice in Wonderland



7. Creativity

An inexperienced person who is put in charge of planning a corporate event is not likely to have the creative skills necessary to execute a unique theme. An experienced event planner has all the skills and contacts necessary to provide a memorable event that will leave a lasting impression on the attendees.


8. Catering for Your Event

An event planner not only takes care of the venue, entertainment, rentals etc but also catering. For some reason, this is the one item that always creates lots of comments from the attendees. Gone are the days of chicken, mashed potatoes and peas. When hiring an event planner you can be assured that you will have the opportunity to enjoy unique gastronomic experiences that will have everyone talking about it long after the event.


9. Enjoy Your Event

Jane, another really strong reason to hire an event planner is that you will not have the stress associated with planning the corporate event. You can actually enjoy your event along with your co-workers. You will know that the event coordinator will be there to handle any unforeseen problems and that everything will run smoothly and all scheduled activities will be on time. You can have beautiful memories of the event rather than memories of stress. The bonus will be all the accolades you will receive!


10. To Sum it Up

Jane, your only task now is to find a professional event manager that you are comfortable working with on your upcoming event. Look for a qualified event planner that is capable of taking your event from planning to execution. They will be in charge of presenting you with a blueprint of your vision, finding a venue, hiring event coordinators and experienced staff, selecting entertainment, creating a memorable decor, and above all they should make you feel secure in knowing that your important event will run smoothly. Sit back and enjoy!