Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing better than sunshine and clear skies, especially when you want to have an outdoor corporate event in Toronto, but sometimes that sun gets a little too hot, and that’s when we could all use a pick-me-up. There’s no shortage of delicious beverages made solely for summertime consumption, but the most refreshing summer drinks hold a special place in our hearts here at Pop! Events. Here are a few of our favourites.


Iced Coffee

We don’t know what we would do if we were forced to drink piping hot coffee every morning in the summer, so we’d like to thank the geniuses that took the world’s favourite caffeine source and put it on ice. Iced coffee, when made the right way, is so delectable on a hot summer day that we can’t put it into words. We will be sure to get back to you when we create the right ones.



No corner store would be complete without a Slushie machine, and if you’ve been reading our blog then you already know how those machines work! Thing is, you don’t need to even go to the corner store to get one of these awesomely sugary iced beverages; in fact, Pop! Events can bring a machine right to you so you can make your own during your event.



Shave some ice, mix it with sugar, put it in a paper cone, and next stop: heaven. No picnic, BBQ, or teambuilding event would be complete without these icy treats. One of the most refreshing summer treats that we offer, SnoKones are fun for all ages. They are one of our most popular machine rentals, and people around Toronto always tell us how much they love the simplicity and convenience that Polar Pete SnoKone brings. Just mix it up, put it in a cup, and enjoy!


When the summer sun is in full force, thankfully we can turn to delicious frozen drinks to quench our thirst and cool us down. These 3 most refreshing summer drinks are at the top of everyone’s list, so contact Pop! Events for some great rentals – and enjoy these cool drinks at your next event!