Pop! Events offers unique and exciting rentals for teambuilding events to help people work together and get to know each other. Our favourite is by far our rock climbing walls. This activity has gone from a hobby only practiced by a few adventurers out in nature to a fully-fledged fitness movement with professionals and amateurs alike. There are many reasons why rock climbing is awesome, especially for teambuilding. Here are just a few:


Rock climbing requires focus

Ever try working your body in unison, using muscles you never knew you had, all while honing your eyes in on different slits in the wall to pull your body up? If you haven’t tried rock climbing, then you’ve never done anything that takes even remotely close to the level of focus needed to get to the top. Aside from the fitness benefits and workout that your employees will get, the amount of focus they will need to successfully conquer the wall will get them used to what it takes to succeed in your office!


It also builds trust

Strapping yourself into a safety harness and relying on those around you to keep you from falling is a big trust-builder. One wrong move and you’ve got to start all over again. Your employees can’t work together if they can’t trust one another, and our awesome rock climbing walls will help them break that ice.


It relieves stress

Nothing relieves stress better than exercise, especially exercise that takes focus and dedication. Rock climbing will help your employees break a sweat, get their mind off of problems in the office, and have a lot of fun. They will be so exhausted when we’re done with them that they won’t be able to get stressed out.


And last, rock climbing is easy to understand

Sports full of rules, strategies, and intricate player movements and positions are confusing. Basketball, volleyball, and soccer are all a lot of fun, but they are difficult to pick up and hard to play together with different skills levels. Not rock climbing, though! It isn’t easy to do, but it’s quite easy to learn!


Next time you think about having a team building event in Toronto, you should think about getting a rock wall for your employees to climb. Pop! Events has some of the most exciting rentals for outdoor events. These were just a few reasons why rock climbing is awesome. When you start doing it, you’ll see just what we were talking about.