Everyone is shopping online nowadays causing an economic crisis for many brick and mortar retailers. So how can these retailers adjust to this on-line shopping phenomenon particularly in the smaller and mid-tier malls?

One of the more effective campaigns that companies use is turning to their websites to push people to come into their stores and make a purchase by offering coupons on their website. The catch is you can only use the coupon for an in-store purchase. Brilliant!

Ok! So, you’ve got the customer coming into the mall, but how do you get them to stay in the mall and visit more retailers? The answer my friend is offering events in shopping malls. There are many mall events ideas and mall entertainment ideas.

1. Christmas is the Mother of All Mall Entertainment Activities

1. Christmas is the Mother of All Mall Entertainment Activities

Christmas is the biggest holiday that drives customers to the mall. This is where shopping mall event ideas are crucial to a successful Christmas season.

The obvious mall event idea is of course Santa’s Wonderland complete with snow and Santa’s throne and his little elf helpers.

However, along with Santa another mall event idea is to position a giant igloo close to Santa where children can enter and have their face painted.

How much fun is that! Mom and Dad can sit close by and enjoy a pumpkin spice latte while they wait for their little ones to emerge from the coolest igloo ever.

2. Valentine Mall Event Idea

Valentine Mall Event Idea

Valentines Day ranks almost as high as Christmas at the mall. Valentines Day is all about romance, roses, wine and chocolate. Mmmmm! A great shopping mall event idea is to position a Chocolate Making Demonstration in the middle of the Mall. Chocolate hearts add to the romantic mood of the holiday.

After the demo the audience may choose their valentine chocolate and place them in individual boxes branded with your mall logo as a takeaway gift. How sweet is that!

3. Come Sail Away with the next Mall Entertainment Activity

Dance Mall Entertainment Activity

Winter holiday getaways are ideal for shopping mall event ideas. Cruise wear and resort wear is a huge category in the retail clothing market.

Why not capitalize on this by transforming your mall into a tropical paradise with giant palm trees, a tiki hut and some Hawaiian hula dancers to get everyone in the holiday mood. Top it all off with samples of Hawaiian Shaved Ice!

4. Draw Customers with a Movie Theme Shopping Mall Activity

Movie Theme Shopping Mall Activity

Movie themes are a great idea to bring customers to the mall. This shopping mall event idea works well especially when the mall supports a cinema. Perhaps there is another Star Wars or a Toy Story movie playing or another Frozen movie or how about the much-anticipated Harry Potter movie.

Hiring characters or stilt walkers representing the latest movies would create an incredible mall entertainment activity keeping kids engaged.

5. Inviting all Divas for this Mall Entertainment Activity Extravaganza

Divas for this Mall Entertainment Activity Extravaganza

Fashion is always a huge draw not only for women but men and children as well. Consider an extravaganza fashion show for your next shopping mall event idea. A swag bag featuring free samples or coupons from your retailers could be part of the draw.

Decor for this mall event idea would be essential. Pipe and drapes as well as decorated entrance from which the models would enter the runway would transform the mall into a Paris style fashion show. The clothing being modeled of course would be contributed by the retailers. Shop owners should prepare for an onslaught after the show!

6. Mall Entertainment Activities Designed for Everyone

Mall Entertainment Activities Designed for Everyone

Keep customers staying longer and give parents a well deserved break by offering fun activities that keep kids busy, like an Eyelash or Tattoo station. Kids get to try on some fun fake eyelashes or metallic temporary tattoos. So much fun for parents and kids to pick out the styles together. As an added bonus don’t forget to encourage shoppers to pick up a matching outfit for their kids fun new look!

7. Sing- a-long as a Shopping Mall Event Idea

Sing- a-long as a Shopping Mall Event Idea

Music soothes the soul. Bringing music as part of your mall entertainment activity always draws crowds. Something as simple as a Barbershop Quartet singing Christmas Carols improves your customers’ mall shopping experience as well as putting them in the mood to shop for Christmas presents. Don’t forget to add some chairs for this pleasant break from shopping.

8. Dance your Troubles Away at the Next Shopping Mall Event

Dance Shopping Mall Event

According to Healthy Living, dancing is effective in releasing endorphins resulting in feelings of well being and happiness. Furthermore, a study done by Professor Michael Norton from the Harvard Business School showed that people were happier when they spent money on other people!

So, what are you waiting for? Go for the dance! Feature a professional Dance Party to create an energetic mall entertainment activity. Try it! You’ll love it and so will your customers as well as your retailers. So much fun!

So, there you have it folks. These are some cool shopping mall event ideas. Contact your favorite event planner to help you make these mall event ideas a reality.